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Trip Report Tanjung Puting National Park


I wanted to add my trip report to provide more information for those planning a trip.

I travelled a couple of weeks ago to Tanjung Puting National Park with a friend. We stayed 3 nights/4 days as we arrived on the late Kalstar flight from Jakarta. We had an absolutely fabulous time and I can't recommend the trip enough (although I can't compare it to any other orangutan experiences).

Flights: Flew in with Kalstar from Jakarta (no delays) and left with Trigana to Surubaya (about half an hour delay. We connected to a flight to Denpasar without any problems).

Our arrival was seamless and we were picked up at the airport by our guide and immediately driven to our klotok in Kumai. We were on the boat and travelling to Rimba Lodge by 5pm. Had a delicious and very late lunch on the boat watching the sunset and later the fire-flies in the trees. Magical. Arrived at Rimba Lodge about 7:30pm and transferred to our room for the night. We had an emerald room. Rustic but clean and had everything we needed. Dinner was included. The lodge had several groups staying there but we barely saw them.

Next morning at 8:30am we were picked up by our Klotok and we started our journey to Camp Leakey. Total journey time was about 3 hours and we arrived in time for lunch. On the way we saw a baby crocodile, various birds, macaque monkeys and probiscis monkeys. Lunch on the klotok, again delicious and then a visit to the information centre followed by a walk to the orangutan feeding station. We had already been greeted by 'Percy' at the jetty :-) We were caught in the rain on the way but this was a welcome relief from the jungle heat. The feeding station was busy but apparently this was still quiet for peak season. Probably about 50-100 visitors. Lots of orangutans, mother/child, single females and non-dominant males. We were lucky to see some orangutans during our walk as well.

Following the feeding we walked back to the Klotok and journeyed back down the river to find a spot for the night. Dinner, chatting and watching the moon rise before bed on the deck. Sleep was challenging mostly because the jungle is a noisy but fabulous place to be! We loved it though. Woke at sunrise with the associated increase in jungle activity. Did some bird watching before breakfast and starting out journey to the 2nd station for the 9am feeding. Being early in the morning, this journey was good for wild life viewing with lots of birds and monkeys active.

The orangutan feeding was again good, fewer visitors this time. Also had the opportunity view butterflies, plants, birds. We stayed until the very end and were met by a large group of probiscis monkeys jumping over the pier before our klotok. This walk was followed by lunch and a trip to the local village followed by camp 1 for the 3 pm feeding. Again a pleasant walk. It rained in the afternoon so fewer orangutans were active. We made a final short journey down the river to search for monkeys before heading back to Rimba lodge where we had another very pleasant nights stay. We had intended to go bird watching early the next morning before leaving but woke to torrential rain so this was abandoned. We returned to Kumai for lunch before catching our flight to Surubaya.

Our klotok was basic but very clean. The shower also worked sufficiently. The staff and our guide were wonderful and the food delicious. We had a fabulous stay. We booked through an outside agency but our klotok came through borneo travel. I had a quick look at the other klotoks and Borneo Eco Tours seemed to have the most luxurious options.

Our trip was more expensive as we combined Rimba lodge with the Klotok - staying the jungle on the klotok was amazing and I would highly recommend this. It was, however, very nice to be able to return to a proper bed for a night at the end to catch up on sleep.

Things of note:

Apparently can be very busy at the feeding stations in July/August with cruise ships visiting Kumai and transferring guests by speed boat!!

I would recommend staying to the very end of the feeding sessions, especially at Camp Leakey. It is much quieter and more orangutans arrive.

It is possible to visit the orangutan sanctuary in Pangkalan Bun but this needs to be arranged in advance, I regret not doing this.

I would definitely do this trip again and we both absolutely loved it!