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Trip Report - Laxapana, Maskeliya

Laxapana - It took 4.5 hours to drive up to Laxapana from Colombo. There was unusual rainy weather. Skies were grey most of the time, if not raining. Visited the Laxapana and New Laxapana Hydro Power Stations and got a 45min tour of the facility. Visited the impressive 98m Aberdeen Falls. There is a flight of steps to the falls/ viewing deck with a few places that are tricky - natural steps created by roots and soil. Since there had been heavy rains, two trees had fallen across the path which made walking more treacherous. Beware that the path could have leeches and move on at a quick pace. Laxapana Falls, the 8th highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka, can be seen from the Norton - Maskeliya Road. There is a way to get closer to the falls and even to the top of it, but we didnt attempt it due to bad weather.

Maskeliya - On the Norton Maskeliya Road we drove past the "Saptha Kanya" or Seven Virgin Hills, where the Martinair Flight 138 heading to Jeddah planning a stop at Katunayake Airport, Colombo, crashed on to the 5th mountain of the range killing all 191 people aboard on December 4th, 1974. A small memorial has been built in the town of Norton Bridge, including a tire from the plane which is the property of the Norton Bridge Police. At the "Double cut Junction" from Laxapana to Norton Bridge/ Maskeliya we saw the 'Zero' mile post, one of just two in Sri Lanka! A brief view of the the Maussakale Reservoir left us refreshed!