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“Great experience”
Review of Grand Turk Diving

Grand Turk Diving
Certificate of Excellence
Reviewed 24 April 2014

My son arranged for us to charter a boat thought GT Diving for ten family members. In my opinion This was planned rather last minute. My son emailed the shop before we left on the cruise ship and his emails were responded to very quickly. Jake met us on the beach by the port and took us to four locations for snorkeling. He briefed us and then took us to four locations. He tried hard to keep us away from the larger companies so that we would maximize our snorkeling experience. We all had a great time and felt it was some of the best snorkeling we had ever done. I would recommend GT Diving to anyone who would like a more personnel experience.

Thank Marcy P
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Reviewed 22 April 2014

I am the girlfriend that Al Miegel included in his response to my boyfriend "Very Disappointed" so "I would like to offer some facts so that others may form their own opinion" - if I may quote.

Your reply was disrespectful and unappreciated. When someone inquires if you will meet another's price does not in any way imply they insist and if the experience we encountered was favorable just because the price was not meet would not have warranted an unfavorable review of your shop and our experience.

Correspondence - goodness how defensive. A simple "apologies for the delay in response but we answered when we were able sorry it took so long" would have sufficed instead of a recap of the back and forth. There are many reasons as to why it might take a while to respond and you could have saved yourself and everyone the unwarranted read. I'm sure Jake would have been nice when we called to advise we might be late but my boyfriend spoke to a lady and when we arrived there was only one female present who worked for the shop. I am going to assume Jake was the young man who took us to the boat - hands down wonderful and pleasant to be around and this young man knows what it means to provide excellent customer service.

Chris, well...she's wasn't welcoming to us when we arrived and my boyfriend tried to help remove the uncomfortable welcome. We are sorry if she wasn't feeling well but saying "hello" to someone or "I will be with you in a minute" would go a long way in the customer service industry. Everyone has bad days and that is understandable BUT you are providing a service and she could have stated "I'm sorry I'm not feeling well so please excuse me"...we would have completely understood. We hope she is feeling well - either way.

Now, let's recap the "briefing" you so mention. You are wrong in so many ways of your recap for I believe you combined another group with us. We arrived at the pick up point on the beach and there were two other men on the boat that knew Smitty since they had been diving with Smitty the previous week. We were never greeted by Smitty. Smitty was accommodating these two men and asked them where they would like to dive. We didn't care where we were diving but that's not the point. The others on the boat you mention on numerous occasions consisted of "2 men from previous week, another gentlemen from our ship and me and my boyfriend" along with Smitty. We were scheduled for 2 dives not 3 and after the first dive we took the first two men to shore for it was lunch time and they ordered lunch at a restaurant and we dropped them off...mind you we have yet to be "briefed" by Smitty of what the plans were. The men are dropped off leaving 3 divers and Smitty onboard...still no word on what was going on and that we paid for two dives. It wasn't until we arrived at the beach and Smitty docked. I questioned what was going on and Smitty stated "you can walk to the beach for about 20 minutes if you want to". The other diver asked why we return and Smitty advised him that he was exchanging tanks in which Jake helped. Is this the briefing so mentioned? Recap - no safety briefing - PERIOD. Diver certs - no communicates divers certs on a boat and that wasn't the point of the comment.

The first dive, Smitty never once signaled to us or any member in our dive group for he never looked back, must be another group. The quote of the one diver and you stated "his words not yours" we returned to shore to pick up five divers .... we didn't pick up anyone after the first dive. Smitty did pick up another dive shop operator on another boat and tried to assist him. Second dive, Smitty is different...talking to us and is nice. We get a bit of a briefing and Smitty shows us some items underwater and I point out a lionfish for him. Complaint of rinse water, well Chris did advise us that there was rinse stations for our gear and to not worry. We specifically questioned enough to rinse our gear. She gave directions - again if they weren't any option to rinse gear a simple I'm not sure if there will be a way for you to rinse your gear or not - would suffice. Water tank for the cameras...it was questioned if the water would be fresh water - we were advised "yes" an empty bucket was placed on the boat. Surfacing after the first dive I saw Smitty dip the bucket into ocean for us to place our cameras into.

In a nut shell. We didn't have a good experience. There should always be some sort of briefing (like the one we received before the second dive and an introduction of who our dive master is). It appears it was an off day for your staff outside of Jake. Simple pleasantries go along way in customer service. Responding in a hostel and defensive tone speaks volumes in itself. People are entitled to their reviews and not all will be favorable. Accepting you can't control how others act/react and improving your customer service interactions would prove to be better use of your time and reaction versus what was displayed. My boyfriend's review had nothing to do with your shop not matching another's price but why would you care so much that he did? You didn't match the price and the only thing that can be said is "I tried". It seems you played the victim in your response instead accepting that not everyone receives the same treatment and people have off days. It is what it is.

Last - I would like to inform your readers that I did NOT tip Smitty $40.

3  Thank Ann M
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
happybubbles, co owner at Grand Turk Diving, responded to this reviewResponded 30 April 2014

Thank you for your review of my reply and of our company. Also for recognizing my innate ability to get people from zero to pissed off in three sentences or less.

I have no objection to be quoted but would appreciate if you would do so accurately. What I had said was "I appreciate that you are entitled to your opinion but offer some facts and observations that may help readers to form their own opinions and to have a better understanding of events."

I reiterate my reply to your boyfriend's review. I stand on the veracity of my statements and those of others. Anyone who would care to is welcome to see originals of exchanges I had between everyone else involved that day or to contact me.

We look forward to all reviews. If we get negative comments we try to address them as soon as possible and we often make changes to the way we do things based on client input. I don't mean to be obtuse but I am a loss to understand why we deserved a terrible, the worst possible grade on your reviews. I understand that we had at least 2 strikes against us before you even got to us. So I wonder what is it that we did or did not do that was so egregious that we got the worst possible rating. Or perhaps there may be another reason/s why this and the other review are so very different than all our other reviews.

We take reviews very seriously and we work very hard to provide good customer service. We work very hard to try and make everyone's visit to Grand Turk be a memorable one. We also work very hard to try and meet anyone's special needs if we know about them in advance.

While it really doesn't matter Jake is who answered the phone and Jason is who got the water bucket for you. Jake is white, Jason is black if that helps your memory.

As I understand it and my apologies if I have this wrong but your main complaints with us are:

1.) We "refused" to answer your e-mails or to call you
2.) We did not offer you proper deference on arrival or to your status at the dive site
3.) We did not have a safety or other briefing that was to your satisfaction
4.) We did not have rinse or water facilities that was to your satisfaction
5.) That you are now upset with my reply

I understand this may be way too much "tit for tat" and "he said, she said" but we get one chance at a reply and TripAdvisor reviews are forever, mountains or mole hills, earned or not. I am sorry but everyone in my camp does not recall events quite as you describe them.

RE: 1) We get over 4000 e-mails a year and live on a tiny third world Island where things like phones and Internet often don't work. We dropped one e-mail. Not a plurality as stated, not all of them but one of the five you sent. One e-mail. We contacted you 4 days after we missed that e-mail, not because we refused to answer you or were avoiding you but as a standard follow up. I have apologized several times and will do so again for dropping the one e-mail. I would reiterate that in your correspondence you informed us of your status and stated you wanted to do your own thing. We told you that you could as long as you told the DM about it.

RE:2) I have spoken to Chris many times about this. She has told me in response to my inquiries and to your review (N.B. - She's British, the caps are simply to differentiate from your script, not shouting, BWD is another dive shop about a block North of us and we get a lot of people off the ships that walk into our shop looking for BWD )

"Chris, well...she's wasn't welcoming to us when we arrived and my boyfriend tried to help remove the uncomfortable welcome." THERE WAS NO UNCOMFORTABLE WELCOME IN MY OPINION. I WAS SIGNING OTHER GUESTS IN, ASKED IF THEY HAD BOOKED WITH US AS I ALWAYS DO AS SOMETIMES WE GET BWD PEOPLE. "We are sorry if she wasn't feeling well but saying "hello" to someone or "I will be with you in a minute" would go a long way in the customer service industry. Everyone has bad days and that is understandable BUT you are providing a service and she could have stated "I'm sorry I'm not feeling well so please excuse me"...we would have completely understood. We hope she is feeling well - either way." AMERICANS MAY DO THAT, I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT.. JUST LIKE WHEN YOU CALL AND ASK HOW I AM, I ALWAYS SAY, 'OK', 'FINE' etc end-

RE: 3) Everyone I spoke to who was on the boat that day remembers a briefing. Smitty recalls doing the same briefing he's been doing for over 20 years. The dive site was Pillory Deep by the way. It's possible that you may not have heard him. It's also possible the other three people I spoke with are not remembering correctly. Was the briefing sufficient to pass a PADI IDC/IE (Professional Association of Diving Instructors Instructor Development Course/Instructor Exam)? No, of course not but lets keep in mind you are not diving the Andrea Doria here. You are diving in no current and a 15 minute swim from shore and 900 feet or less from the boat. Two of the other divers have been to GT many times. You stated you wanted to do your own thing and had also been to GT before. You recall enough of the briefing to complain that " He clearly did not ask and did not know my dive qualifications nor my girlfriend's (I'm a PADI and SDI instructor and she is a certified SDI Solo Diver) so we were a bit taken back by that comment." Our standard briefing recommends 80 feet max first dive and 60' max for your second dive. Recommend being a key word. You had already been told, in writing that you could do your own thing. Please remember there were divers on the boat that were doing their second dive and you were doing your first.

RE: 4) We have rinse facilities at the dive shop. Please recall that your ship was delayed due to waves/weather. We normally load boats from the beach in front of the dive shop. We could not safely do so because of the swell or waves due to weather. I apologize if you could not take advantage of these facilities at our shop. There is a spigot at the cruise center that is on concrete pavers and is about 12" off the ground. I apologize if you could not locate this or if it just wasn't good enough for your needs.. If you had let us known in advance that rinse water was so important to you we certainly would have either made arrangements for you or refused your booking if we could not meet your specifications. Being informed on the way from the dive shop to the truck that is then driven to the boat which is not where it usually is and while everyone is now late due to weather is not a lot of notice for us. We are happy to try and make special requests or needs happen but would ask for more notice than instantly. Fresh water camera tanks are not the norm with any dive shop on GT. When I asked Jason he recalls the camera bucket exchange as follows:

M: do you guys have a fresh water bucket on the boat?
J: no but you can use one of these, (and J shows him the bucket)
M: OK, is there fresh water?
J: no, normally what divers do is submerge it in salt water until there done
M: OK, fine
end of conversation
Girlfriend wasn't around to hear or witness the conversation.
- end-

When asked about it Chris said (her words in caps, again not shouting, just to differentiate) : "Water tank for the cameras...it was questioned if the water would be fresh water - we were advised "yes" an empty bucket was placed on the boat. Surfacing after the first dive I saw Smitty dip the bucket into ocean for us to place our cameras into." I WAS NEVER ASKED FOR A BUCKET, NEVER SAW ONE, I DON'T KNOW WHO WOULD TELL THEM THEY WERE GETTING FRESH WATER, I WILL ASK SMITTY & JAKE WHEN THEY GET BACK.

RE: 5) I don't mind getting criticism but do mind when our business gets maligned for reasons I don't understand. I don't mind getting a bad review if we deserved it but I do respectfully wish to be allowed to reply and respond to that review and to offer readers our or a different perspective . You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I ask again what did we really do or not do to earn this grade or where really did these reviews come from?

By all accounts your first dive may not have been what you had hoped it would be. The overwhelming consensus of everyone I talked with was that you went in ahead of everyone, on your own, ahead of the group, went deep, turned around early and headed back early. I know 2 people I consider to be good divers and very level headed people were offended enough by your behavior to cancel their last dive. Not a great way for them to end their week plus of diving with us.

You were already unhappy with us prior to your arrival due to our not price matching and to your perception that we "refused" to call or e-mail you.

I do apologize if you did not have a good dive experience but if you didn't have a good dive I do not think it was due to anything we did. I am not going to apologize for Chris as I don't think she did anything wrong.


Al Miegel

Co owner, Grand Turk Diving Co. Ltd.

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Reviewed 22 April 2014

Last week, I did my PADI refresher one-on-one, and two dives with dive master Jake, at "Library" and "Anchor Ledge" sites on Grand Turk's fabled Wall, which drops off 6-7,000 feet from the 30-foot ledge. On one dive, it was just the two of us, on the other, only four—really enjoyable. These sites and the Wall were rich and diverse, and when one looks out into the deep blue you might be lucky to see some really big pelagics or even hear whale song (mid-April is end of humpback migration). I also had some time to chat with Smitty and Jason, local Turk Islanders who work here, and shared stories of their experiences on the island and underwater. Smitty is highly seasoned and knows Turks underwater like the back of his hand, also hailed as a master of buoyancy. I look forward to returning and exploring some more! It was a pleasure co-ordinating with Chris in the office, too. The dive shop has some gear and gifts for sale. Check out GTD's Facebook page to meet the team and get a sense of what GTD is about. Grand Turk is a small place, and everyone in the dive community knows each other.

Thank TanZimSa
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Reviewed 16 April 2014

I am looking forward to meeting and snorkeling with the Grand Turk Diving team! From my initial contact to the ongoing email exchanges with my many questions, it's been nothing short of professional, courteous and very personable! They are quick to respond to my numerous emails and I can imagine they must get thousands given that they rank in the TOP of Grand Turk Attractions! I appreciate the attention I've received from the team and I can only imagine what our upcoming snorkeling experience will be like! Thank you all at Grand Turk Diving for making it so easy for me to book and getting me so pumped and excited to be snorkeling with you! Can't wait!

Thank SAN991B
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
Reviewed 7 April 2014

My girlfriend and I just returned from a cruise and one of the stops was Grand Turk. Although the cruise ship offered a scuba excursion, we opted to avoid the "cattle boat" experience so common on cruise ship dive excursions and selected Grand Turk Diving Company (GTD) as the alternative. It was a huge mistake. I should have taken the clues when they refused to respond to emails or requests to call me as I attempted to book the trip with them. The day before we left for our cruise "Chris" from the dive shop did finally reply to my email request from 5 days earlier and asked if we were still interested in diving with them. I replied that we were and asked that she call me to make arrangements because we would be on the road the following day, driving to Miami. We waited until the afternoon of the following day but she never called so we had to call her. This was a glimpse of the level of professionalism we were about to experience.

Once we arrived at port, disembarkation was delayed so I called the shop to tell them that we were in the cab and on our way because it looked like we might be a few minutes late to catch their boat. I can only assume it was Chris that answered the phone, but I told her who I was and that we were on our way. All she said was "ok". No, "thank you for calling, we will wait for you" or anything...just "ok". We arrived about five minutes late but there was another diver in front of us also from our cruise ship, that was being checked in. When it was our turn to be checked in we could not have felt any less welcome. She didn't look at us, she didn't greet us, she looked as if she didn't want to be there and treated us as if she could care less if we were there to dive with their company. I gave her a friendly greeting after seeing that she wasn't going to offer one but it didn't change her demeanor at all. She took payment for the balance owed (they required a 50% booking deposit). I asked her if we could return to the shop before returning to the cruise ship so that we could rinse our gear. She said "no there are rinse stations near the cruise dock". What we learned later was that there was a foot washing station with a spigot that was about 12" off the sand and completely impractical for rinsing gear. She could not have been less helpful or accommodating. A very polite young man loaded our gear into a pickup truck and drove us to the public beach where their dive boat was waiting.

We loaded our gear onto their boat along with two other divers that we later learned had been diving with GTD that previous week. The boat captain was the only crew. Once we were loaded aboard, the captain headed to our first dive site. He had not introduced himself or welcomed us aboard or even spoken to us yet, other than to tell us to sit towards the back of the boat, so I was expecting introductions during the dive briefing.

We arrived at the first dive site called "Pillary Blue" and the captain hooked onto the mooring. He then proceeded to tell us that we would be doing a wall dive and that maximum depth was 80' but because we were not experienced, we were not to go below 60'. He clearly did not ask and did not know my dive qualifications nor my girlfriend's (I'm a PADI and SDI instructor and she is a certified SDI Solo Diver) so we were a bit taken back by that comment. He then told us to do a backward roll entry and when exiting, to hand him our BCDs and fins first before climbing back into the boat. That was the extent of his dive briefing. No mention of max bottom time, safety stops, hand signals review, marine life that we might encounter, lost/separated diver protocols, water conditions/current, etc...and we still did not know his name. We all rolled in and he met us on the bottom. We followed him as he proceeded to lead us along the wall at about 60'. Visibility was good (70') but marine life was really minimal. He made his turn after about 20 minutes...never checking on anyone's air or pointing out any interesting marine creatures, and led us back to the boat.

Once back on the boat he took two of the other divers back to the dive shop. We did hear one of the original two divers call the captain "Smitty" or something like that so maybe that was his name. The captain then took us to a crowded public beach near the cruise ships. None of the remaining divers knew why we were there or what we were doing. The captain just anchored the boat on the beach and got out of the boat. The rest of us got out of the boat and asked why we were there and he said we could walk on the beach for about 20 minutes. Very poor communication.

We met back at the boat and the captain took us to a spot called "English Point". It was a reef in about 60' of water. He did a little better job during this dive briefing because he at least told us what we might see in terms of marine life and during the dive he pointed out an old anchor from an old sailing ship. During the dive vis deteriorated to about 20' as the tide came in but there was not much in terms of marine life to see anyway. Again, no check on any of the diver's air supply and another turn-around after 20 minutes.

We were dropped off near the cruise ship docks and as we walked back with the other diver from the cruise ship we talked about what a really poor experience we had with Grand Turk Diving Co. I could never recommend anyone diving with this company. It was clearly one of the worst I've seen in my 30 years of diving.

My brother and I had dived in Grand Turk with Oasis Divers about 18 months ago and had a much better experience. They were professional and courteous and really understood what it meant to provide exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, that is the dive shop that was contracted for the cruise ship's scuba excursion and because we didn't want to dive with a large group of other divers, we opted to go with GTD. We should have gone with Oasis Divers instead. We will not make that mistake again.

5  Thank Moe M
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC
happybubbles, Owner at Grand Turk Diving, responded to this reviewResponded 13 April 2014

Thank you for your review and for participating on TripAdvisor.

I appreciate that you are entitled to your opinion but offer some facts and observations that may help readers to form their own opinions and to have a better understanding of events. I was not on Island when you were but have talked to everyone on staff and a few of the people who were on the boat that day. I apologize in advance if this reply seems disrespectful in any way but I honestly don't think we deserved your review. Writing and customer service are not my forte . We welcome comments good or bad from guests and hope to learn by them.

I am sorry we did not meet your expectations but I in all candor am not surprised by your review as you insisted we price match the cruise line prices and perhaps this influenced your decision to write this review which is wholly different from the others we have received.

You had contacted us by e-mail 5 times. The first 2 e-mails which came 4 minutes apart were answered within 33 and 37 minutes. In these e-mails you stated that-- We are both very experienced divers and UW photographers. I am a PADI MSDT and she is a certified SDI Solo Diver. We do not want to go to the dive spots frequented by the cruise ship excursions but instead would prefer locations where we can spend time on our photography and dive our own profiles.

We replied back to you acknowledging that you could dive you own profiles as long as you told the divemaster about it before diving. We also sent our standard reply which has information about pricing, how to get to us and questions related to when you last dove, how many dives you have etc. etc. . It's a template or form reply and has information that people usually request. We note you did not supply any information about the number of dives you have nor did you inform Smitty, your divemaster that day of your intentions as we requested you to do.

Your third e-mail stated you had stayed on Island at the hotel across the street from us and have dove Grand Turk before. You also request that we price match the cruise ship which we respectfully decline to do. We answered this, your third e-mail within 1 hour 6 minutes.
We absolutely dropped the ball on your fourth e-mail. Sorry but we get lots and lots of e-mails and try to answer all of them. I apologize that we did not reply but we did not refuse to e-mail or to call you. We contacted you because we usually follow up on inquiries as a lot of the time OUR e-mails to clients get lost. For you to claim the we refused to respond to your e-mails or that we refused to call you is wholly untrue. I note that it took you over a week to reply to our e-mail. I do know that we did not have Internet for the better part of the week you sent the fourth e-mail and I had a hard time getting through to the shop by phone or e-mail that week as I was in NY at the time . So again I apologize that we did not contact you for 4 days or that you could not call us or resend your e-mail. Your fifth e-mail was also answered in a timely fashion.

When you arrived on Island you called the shop to say you were going to be late. Jake answered the phone, not Chris and he said OK. I honestly don't see the problem here. You call to say you will be late, we say OK.

I have never known Chris to be anything other than sincere and warm with almost every person she meets. I have never received anything but praise for her performance at work. I am quite astounded by your perception but not having been there I can not comment directly to your claims. I think anyone who has ever met Chris would agree with my statements about her. You are of course entitled to your opinion. You are correct in that Chris did not want to be there as she went to Hospital after signing you and the rest of the divers in.

Your recollection of the briefing and the dive seems to differ quite a bit from what the other divers on the boat have told me and Smitty's recollection. I would remind readers here that you wanted to do your own thing and were told in writing that you could do so. Further some of the comments I received from the others on the boat that day were that you were inattentive and one pair declined to go for their usual third dive that day sighting your being rude. Not my words, just an observation made by others on the boat. You were not told that you could not go below 60'. We say that the limits are recommended and there were others on the boat that were doing their second dive while it was your first. Everyone I conversed with recalls there being a safety briefing, a predive briefing and Smitty introducing himself. Sorry but we do not make a habit of announcing a diver's certification level.

I would suggest to you that after over 20,000 + dives in the same 5 mile area and doing the same profiles that Smitty can gauge how much air you have without swimming over to you and looking at your gauge. He signaled you to come up a bit on your first dive because your depth meant you would use your air up much faster than the rest of the group. We note you had about 750psi at the end of the first dive and also that you were up well before others in the group.

One diver on the boat that day (who is very experienced and well traveled) stated about your review and the dive, his words not mine --- We returned to shore to pick up five divers and proceeded to look for sites til smitty settled on Pillory Deep. Dive was briefed wait at bottom, proceed to reef, follow me 60-80 although I suspect they may have not been paying attn.
A few divers that went in first got impatient and went out over the wall. We followed smitty who had a couple of less experienced divers with him. When we got to wall we went down and dove 60-65ft. A couple of the first divers in had gone Jacque Cousteau deep to far from the wall to be able to see anything on wall. Smitty signaled them up at which point they checked air and split back the way we came. I suspect they sucked their air going deep.

We followed smitty to finish at boat with 1500lbs. We explored around boat for twenty mins. And finished dive 64ft 48mins.

Redacted and I did not pursue a third dive that day due to rude nature. At all times chris, jake, jason, smitty and all the kids at the shop have been friendly, helpful and a pleasure to be with!

Regarding your complaint about rinse water, there are times here in the winter when we can not operate out of our usual beach access out in front of the shop due to swell or wave action. We cancelled all diving for a day a week prior to your visit and the weather was still too rough to load you and the boats at our facility as we normally do. We did supply you with a water tank for your camera. I apologize if the weather and waves prevented you from using our rinse facilities at the shop and that you did not find anything suitable to your requirements. Chris did tell you that you would not be coming back to the shop and that there was a water spigot for rinsing at the cruise center behind the sun loungers.

Those that needed direct supervision or may have needed it on the dive got it directly from Smitty, the divemaster. You were diving in zero current and no more than about 4 football fields from the boat at any time. Given your stated desire to do your own thing and your certification level we did not feel it necessary to control your diving except when it impacted the rest of the group, which is just being courteous to the other divers.

I would encourage anyone on a dive boat, be it ours or anyone else's to ask questions if they have them. We can't read your mind. If you are unclear on anything please feel free to ask questions. We provided a briefing that everyone else seemed to think was OK. We have to date a perfect safety record, never having any accidents or lost divers or out of air situations.

Clearly we did not meet your expectations but if you have a problem and voice it we are happy to try and comply as best we can to accommodate you. It's not easy to meet expectations or problems that are unvoiced and harder still in the short time window a cruise visit allows.

I would like to inform our readers that your experience was not so bad as to prevent your girlfriend from tipping Smitty $40.00. I can only wonder how much of your review may be due to our unwillingness to reduce our price for you and perhaps in no small part to hubris.

Al Miegel
Grand Turk Diving Co, Ltd.

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