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Review of Cut The Mustard

Cut The Mustard
Ranked #3,039 of 23,597 Restaurants in London
Certificate of Excellence
Cuisines: British
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Reviewed 1 September 2018 via mobile

Am moving into the area and was happy to see a cool looking independent eatery . Just the kind of place that I like.
The people who served me were nice although the service was very slow. It was early Saturday afternoon. Nearly full outside but empty inside.
The food was pretty decent but not as good as I think they would like to think. Must say I'm always pretty suspicious of home made baked beans, never had some yet that are better than hienz.
So far the review would be decent but not particularly amazing, that was until we got the bill, it ended up being £36.50 for two plates of breakfast and one cup of tea. Plate one was what they call the priory, almost a full English but jazzed up(bacon lardons, an almost daphinois potato thing, two fried eggs and some of the home made baked beans) this was £11. Not cheap but not crazy prices. The problem was with my girlfriends plate. Although it was decent(again not amazing but not bad) we were charged £17.50 for a plate of breakfast. On the plate was two portobello mushrooms, 1 egg, the moody home made baked beans, 2 small rashers of nice bacon and some of the potato stuff. I have to be honest, I felt that i had been robbed. I need to put this into perspective, I eat breakfast out at least 5 days a week, often 7. I eat in places that are across the board in terms of quality, from greasy spoon to top end places. And at least 95% of the breakfasts that I eat are in Nottinghill, supposedly one of Londons most expensive areas. I have never seen a full English breakfast(usually the most exspensive breakfast plate) for more than £13. That is in the Electric diner on portobello road. A soho house group establishment. A place known for being pricey.
I asked to speak to the manager about this but was told he was to busy to speak to me. I must say that I was also told that because my girlfriend had ordered her breakfast in individual parts that she was being charged for all the items at the sides prices. I must say that I felt royalty ripped off. And that was before I noticed while writing the review that the Cup of tea and service had come to another £8.50. I was so pissed of about the price of what I'd had that i didn't initially realise or look at the rest of the bill.
I know that they will say that we should have realised that ordering like that would come to more. 2 things. 1. The menu is set up so you can't actually get all the bits you'd like together without ordering from the side. Which are at least £3 each(£3 for 1 egg???)
2. Surely the staff must be aware of this and should therefore warn you that you are about to order the most expensive ever 5 item breakfast ever. And then maybe let you know how you could keep the costs down. Or maybe the lovely girl who served us thinks that it's perfectly normal to be charged that amount for a pretty average breakfast.
As an aside, while moodily mulling over being ripped off while leaning against my car, I bumped into someone I vaguely know who's first word were "you must be doing well to eat in the". He then went on to regail me with the story of his own experience there when he paid £28 when he ate there with his son, I thought that didn't sound to bad until me his son hadn't eaten anything. It was breakfast again. And the dreaded putting together your own plate. He told me it was his only story from there as he Had never gone back because he felt that he had been ripped off. As I'm sitting here writing this my girlfriend has come out to ask what I am doing and then told me that she has just spoken to two other friends( she's talking to them about it because I am so pissed off) who have had similar experiences and who would also never go back.
I like good food and I don't mind paying for it. Even though the food here wasn't bad, I felt like I had been mugged. Hence this review, I've only ever written one review before, it's not something i do, but I felt that I had to say something about this as it was a complete liberty.
I look forward to hearing from whoever replies to the trip advisor reviews in here.

Date of visit: September 2018
14  Thank Chris M
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James R, Owner at Cut The Mustard, responded to this reviewResponded 4 September 2018


To take someone’s money dishonestly, by charging too much money or by cheating them.

So let’s begin with an apology, I’m truly sorry that you had a terrible experience at my cafe.

Which compelled you to write a review , something that is out of character and probably took a lot of time and energy over your weekend. Sometimes when something bothers us that much we need to get it out, the emotion needs to be written and the wrong needs to be put right and justice must be stamped across the faces of the wrong doers. The world needs to know the extent of our injury.

I would also like to say thank you for giving me 2 stars instead of 1, based on everything said in the review I truly would have only expected to get 1.

I also quite like the term you used “ moody beans “ if you don’t mind I might use it instead of homemade baked beans , it has a certain kind of ring to it.

I’m also sorry that you couldn’t have spoken to me at the time, I was very busy in the kitchen and my staff took it upon themselves to make the decision that I was too busy to speak at that moment. I was only informed about the situation the next day, had I been informed I would have put on hold whatever I was cooking and come to speak to you.
I’m certainly not someone to hide away from adversity. I’ve spent a long time in the service industry and have dealt with lots of situations like this before.

So now let me begin my story, my emotion, my justice.

After another character building week, I was cleaning down on Sunday. I checked my phone and there was your review. I always get a bit anxious when I see I have a new trip advisor review, I suppose that’s only natural( if you care about what you do as much as I do).
As I scrolled down with my finger my eyes began to well up, this was the finishing piece. The final punch in my face before I hit the canvas.

But as all good fighters do, I composed myself, stood back up and finished the job in hand. Running my own business has taught me numerous times how to take a punch in the face, and this one really hurt.
I tried to be present when I was home with my girlfriend but all I could think about was your review. When I went to sleep all I could think about was your review and when I woke all I could think about was your review.

So let’s break this down into laymen's terms to begin with.

You and your friend came into my cafe, were given menus with prices attached.
You ordered from those menus and were then charged at the prices stated on those menus. Nothing really out of the ordinary there.
Then being upset with the bill, complained and even threatened to not pay, because you were so disgusted.
Then because you were so angry with having to pay for what you ordered you write a terrible review.

So let’s start with the menus , there are two menus in the café, one is 2.5 metres by 1.5 metres on the wall . I think that is just about visible to the naked eye. The other is an A5 bright yellow card.
Both of these menus state the prices of everything we sell.
I think that would probably show that we’re not trying to hide anything or fleece anybody. Next I get the feeling that you don’t really like homemade baked beans, maybe stop ordering them. I’m not a huge fan of dragon fruit, so I tend not to order it.

The priory, it actually comes with poached eggs, one, for ease of service, and two because it eats better with poached eggs. On the menu it doesn’t state that you can change the eggs but because you’re so entitled and believe that my cafe should run how you want it to you asked to have fried eggs instead. No problem, we did it for you.
Then as you can see on the menus we don’t do a traditional full breakfast, when we first opened we did but I wanted to do something a little different. The reasons being, 1. I was bored with cooking the full english and making changes to it all the time. 2. It’s not easy to cost as a dish if everything keeps getting swapped in and out.

You say that you ordered two breakfasts - Well in fact you ordered

1 Priory
5 sides

crispy potatoes
Smoked streaky bacon
Homemade baked beans ( moody beans)
Field mushrooms

1 poached egg

you also ordered

1 tea
1 Dalston cola
1 large latte

When the waitress that took your order and you told her what you wanted, why would she assume that you don’t know how much this costs. You have a menu in your hand and on the wall which tells you the prices. If I ordered something in a cafe or restaurant and the waiter or waitress felt they needed to tell me how much it costs I would be offended that they don’t think I can read a menu or that I knew how much my items would be.

If you didn’t think you were ordering sides, what did you think you were ordering ? Your own made up dish, with its own made up costings ?

Yes it’s no secret that our sides are a bit more expensive than in your average cafe. We use the best quality ingredients that you can buy because that’s our philosophy. But again we write that on the menu so if you think it’s not for you and it’s too expensive, you can choose not to order it or try another establishment.

The ginger Pig
The pished fish
Burford brown eggs
Veg from covent garden market.

These are some of the suppliers that we use.

We would much rather you ordered a dish from the menu than order a load of sides. If you think I’m in the kitchen rubbing my hands together when someone orders a load of sides you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact I really hate it. It will most of the time be cheaper and also we want you to eat the dishes that are on the menu rather than just bits.

You compare us to the electric diner for price, they are charging more for sides than us and they don’t use the quality of ingredients that we use.

You also talk about your cup of tea and service costing £8.50 ?

No, your cup of tea cost £2.00, you also had a large Latte and a Dalston cola.
Which for some reason in your review you forgot to mention……. We don’t charge for service and never have.

You also talk about your poached egg costing £3.00 when it cost £1.50.

So who’s been fleeced now ?

A man talking about dishonesty and liberty taking while being dishonest and taking liberties himself.

I also love your conversation outside with the other man and also with your friends about how we are rip off merchants. The terrible Cut the Mustard. The law of attraction in full effect there.

I’ve been open for four years, each year we’ve got busier and busier. Do you think that happens because we rip everyone off ? Why do more and more people keep coming back to these rip off merchants ? I just can’t figure it out…… Why did we get a trip advisor certificate of excellence a few months ago ?

Now I know we’re far from perfect and we’re a million miles away from where I want us to be. That’s why I work around the clock and put everything I have into this cafe. My heart and my soul is in this cafe.
The bread that sells out everyday is named after my grandfather and lots of dishes on the menu are named after family members and friends. So do you think I would dishonour them by ripping people off ?

On Saturday when you came in I started at 3.45am in the morning and finished at 7pm. I don’t take a break because that’s how hard you have to work to stay alive in this business.
I then had to go to the hospital because my knee had blown up to the size of a house because I spend so much time stood up on my feet.
Now these are my life choices and I fully accept that, I enjoy what I do and have a passion for it. That’s why I put in so much graft.

I will take criticism, I will take people telling me that something wasn’t right with speed or the food or the service. When these things happen we do everything we can to put it right.

What I will not take is someone calling me dishonest , calling me a cheat. Questioning my integrity, and my character.
This is why I’m standing up for myself. I feel I’m also standing up for everyone else who works in this industry.
People working hard to serve, not to cheat or steal, not to scam or blag.
People with passion that care about what they’re doing.

Send me your bank details I’ll give you your money back, because I don’t want it.
If you send me your address I’ll also send you a four pack of Heinz baked beans , but as you eat out everyday of the week you might not have time to eat them.

Jimmy Reynoldson

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Reviewed 20 August 2018 via mobile

Lovely spot: delicious, imaginative dishes, often involving eggs & sourdough bread, capers, avocado, sautéed shallots & great coffee, too. Must try!

Date of visit: August 2018
2  Thank AndrewHFrench
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James R, Owner at Cut The Mustard, responded to this reviewResponded 22 August 2018


Thanks so much for your lovely review. Glad you enjoyed your time at the cafe and we hope to see you again soon.

Thanks again

massive love


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Reviewed 16 May 2018 via mobile

From being greeted with a smile to having my WiFi issue resolved, the service was just spot on.

Would defiantly recommend to a friend !

Thank you Tia and Rafa :)

Date of visit: May 2018
Thank Blitz C
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Reviewed 10 May 2018

This is our favourite cafe. The food is amazing using high quality ingredients, I am addicted to their coffee and the staff are lovely. Always helpful and friendly and always go the extra mile to make you feel welcome. We would be lost without it! Big thank you to Jimmy for bringing this to Furzedown.

Date of visit: May 2018
    • Value
    • Service
    • Food
1  Thank 601alimek
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James R, Owner at Cut The Mustard, responded to this reviewResponded 22 August 2018


Thanks so much for your lovely review. It means so much when people take time to write something nice about the cafe.
Have a great day and we hope to see you again soon.

Massive love


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Reviewed 17 April 2018 via mobile

As a spoon aficionado I’m thrilled to the very ankles when a local eatery offers an ample spoon selection with which to agitate my americano or cleave moist morsels from my brûlée. ‘Cut the Mustard’ certainly lived up their name and tantalized me with some very fine utensils with which to carve said condiment. Suffice to say I will reprise my soujourn any time I am in the bourough, although sadly my work for the UN dictates that it may be some time now that the denizens of the Isle of Wight have begun the rumblings of insurrection.

Date of visit: April 2018
2  Thank Dave M
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James R, Owner at Cut The Mustard, responded to this reviewResponded 18 April 2018

Thanks buddy ,

Glad you enjoyed all the spoons !



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