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“Fun experience!”
Review of Exotic Driving Experience - CLOSED

Exotic Driving Experience
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Owner description: Imagine driving the world’s fastest and most exotic high performance cars on a real racetrack…no traffic…no stoplights…no law enforcement…just your dreams, your adrenaline and the wide-open asphalt!Located at Walt Disney World® Speedway in Orlando, Florida, Exotic Driving Experience features supercars by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, Nissan and Aston Martin.Exotic Driving Experience gives you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of these supercars and make your dreams a reality.
Reviewed 25 February 2014 via mobile

Very nice place, very organized for all the people there. Staff was very professional and nice. We did the NissanGtr not the Nascar side. He was the 1st driver in his group it took total time 1 and 1/2 hrs. Cool experience for my 18 year olds birthday he had a blast so glad we did it.

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Reviewed 29 January 2014

This was a present from my wife and so I could not really complain on the spot in front of her or I would have.
I looked forward to this for a month only to be significantly let down.

If you have owned, or have access to a car with just 250 horsepower and decent tires, save yourself half a day and half a $1000 and just do figure 8's in a Kmart parking lot -then gas it over a bridge for 3 seconds... its much much much more thrilling.

Everything about this "experience" is so environmentally controlled; and the track is not a track but a dink-and-dunk obstacle course inside of a real racetrack.

You do NOT need to be a 'gear-head' not to feel slighted from this.
The 17 year old girl and soccer mom in my group were frustrated as well.

They trick you and here is how:

Seated beside you is your 'instructor'. (first thing... no you don't get to do any part of this alone)
They sit there with an electronic limiter/governor box which is a dial set between 10% - 100% engine power.
During your 1 minute per lap ''experience'' your told exactly when ... and I mean "exactly" when to accelerate, when to break, what line to take on the 'course' guided by paint lines and yellow and orange cones to follow, and if you chose the optional manual gear shifting instead of automatic... they tell you when precisely to shift, ..
All of this takes any discretion you may have and fundamental joy of driving these vehicles completely out of your hands.

Then they do this during your ride:

*If you don't hold your speed they cut (reduce) your engine to 50% power or more. You are not allowed to accelerate at your own free will.
*Take the wrong line (or faster line) they cut you. You have to follow the slowest line, outlined on the course or they cut your speed.
*Hold a gear (higher RPM) over mid range and they cut you.
*Hold acceleration a split second longer and they cut you.
*You are not allowed to drift... heck no. If the back tire comes off a line even an inch they cut you.
*The whole point is to keep the car slow and overtly controlled to their comfort level.
And that level is quite patronizing ... even for a 17 year old who had just got her license 6 months prior.

***The end result is a dinky ride around an obstacle course in an elite car.
(yes the cars are brilliant)
NOT a real driving experience.

They tell you it is all in the name of safety which is completely not true.

This all takes place in the middle of a real actual race track where there is absolutely nothing to hit unless your aiming for a straightaway wall; but, in which time the '''''race-coach''' will have plenty of time to cut your engine before that wall comes.

When I was finished with my ride I engaged one of the techs in a light debate -disguised as a car enthusiast conversation. (my instructor hid from me like his hair was on fire after the ride because he knew... I knew ... it was a tourist trap and it was his job to keep cutting me)
He asked me how I liked it and I told him, "man I loved it... but I really disagree with the lines we were made to drive through the course; they were not the fastest but rather intended to slow us down seeing as though we were not allowed to under steer, drift or slide at all without being cut?"
He replied "yea man only 1-50 drivers will ever realize we set up the lines and course like that. The whole thing is really about keeping the maintenance costs of these cars down. Tires, brakes, transmission ...that stuff."

I left the conversation at that and I kissed my wife and told her thank you for the present as we walked off.
What I really wanted to say was "" I'm sorry I just paid you $700 for 12 laps-12 minutes; the brakes are a YOU PROBLEM!!"

If you think you will actually get to drive a lap time - or even a qualifying time against yourself or others in your group.... not even close.
Everyone does the lap in about 1 minute. Give or take 5 seconds depending on just how slow you drive the cones.
No more and definitely absolutely and without question not less than.

Roller coasters are better and you have the same amount of control.
Go carts way better.
250 horsepower Subaru over a bridge... way way better.

Here are the facts and the questions you should ask to determine if this is for you:

Q Will I get to drive the fastest lap I can?
A Yes as long as you accelerate, brake, turn, and shift exactly when and where we tell you to. Your fastest lap with be the same time as everyone else.
Real Answer: Heck No!

Q Will I exceed 110 mph? The car is fast but do I get to drive it fast?
A No. Nope! 111 on the straight and your cut!

Q Why are the speedometer, RPM, the entire dashboard, race mode, launch mode, even the rear view mirrors blurred out, taped off, and taken away?
A Designed to keep your eyes up so you do not look down.
Also, so you do not realize that your never really driving fast because a sharp turn at 30mph ...still has some G-Force and if your 75 years old you will still enjoy this.

Follow Up Q: So this expensive 'exotic' car and all its features; which parts do I get to experience on my own?
A You get to sit in the drivers seat ...and stop and go ...lightly... as we tell you to.
Now go to tell all your friends that you drove a Ferrari and thank you for the $700.

Q I drive a 250 horsepower car. Would my 'own' car beat this exotic car lap time if i were able to dive my own car at my own pace on this course?
A Yes your 250 HP car lap time would crush this exotic car time. Not even close.
You will be driving a 100k-200k car like it has a 10k-20k engine.

39  Thank mark g
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PettyMarketing, Manager at Exotic Driving Experience, responded to this reviewResponded 6 February 2014

To whom it may concern,

My name is Gary Terry, Senior Operations Manager at Walt Disney World Speedway. Exotic Driving Experience takes customer satisfaction very seriously. In fact, the only thing that we believe to be more important is the safety of our guests, staff, and equipment.

We are disappointed that a customer of ours had an unsatisfactory experience while participating in one of our driving programs. In the infrequent occasion that we receive a negative review, responses usually come from our corporate marketing team who gathers information about the customer’s experience and replies accordingly. However, in this particular situation, I was personally involved and felt the response was better coming directly from me.

As in this case, sometimes a guest’s expectations and/or experience level do not match the experience we provide. This was apparent to me in talking to this guest prior to his experience as he expressed doubts about the experience. This guest wanted to push the cars to their limits, to the point where he could break the car loose. Prior to his experience, the guest was informed that our program is intended to let customers drive the cars fast on a racetrack, but not to the limits of safety and beyond. He was not happy with this, and so – prior to his experience – I personally offered a complete refund. I also offered the option for the customer to sit through the instruction, make a few laps and if not satisfied at that point, a refund will still be available. The customer refused these offers and proceeded with the full program.

This customer had a different program in mind when he arrived at the track. Before, during, and apparently after the guest wanted something we did not offer – and never represented we did offer. We cannot meet the expectations of customers if their goal is to exceed our safety margins. Our business allows non-professional drivers the opportunity to experience powerful supercars on a racetrack and we take the responsibility and inherent risks of this seriously.

Gary Terry
Senior Operations Manager, Walt Disney World Speedway

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Reviewed 29 January 2014

I have had the good fortune of training via Skip Barber Racing School and Master Maserati School, and driven various things on various tracks in various countries. My personal car is a blown C6 Vette, about 650 HP, set up for road racing, and I take it to the track 2 or 3 times a year. I am not a professional race car driver, but I am not bad either. For those of you who actually know how to track a car, this review is for you.

"Drive a Ferrari" was on the bucket list. My future daughter-in-law was talking about planning the wedding down at Disney World. They wanted me to come along for the day. I graciously declined, it wasn't my money, wasn't my wedding, just tell me where and when to show up, which Dwarf to dress up like, and I'm there. After nagging a bit, she gets a twinkle in her eye and says, "They have a racetrack down there . . ." She knows me TOO well.

So I do my hunting online, discover WDW Speedway, it's a real racetrack, used for real races on occasion. A mite small at a one mile tri-oval, but not bad. The choices are NASCAR, Indy Cars, or Exotic. I've done Richard Petty before, a great program. I'd want to drive Indy cars on a bigger track, to get more speed. So exotics it was.

Me, I'm about going fast, not which is prettiest. The two Ferraris are clearly the big dogs. Neither have the horse or power/weight ratio of my Vette, but I'm sure they are still damn quick and wonderful handling cars. The two Ferraris, the 430 Scuderia and the 458 Italia, have virtually identical performance numbers, as the Scuderia is set up for racing, so less weight. So I take the Scuderia, save a couple hundred dollars. I sign up for ten laps, might as well get what I can.

I have done lots of these type of "schools" before, so I know what to expect. A very minimal chalk talk of the track. Find out how they are going to keep amateurs from killing themselves or others. Wait. It's good to be patient.

As I was a ten lapper, I was going last. Fine by me, let me watch some others run. What is readily apparently is who has had training and who has not. The drive around the first two thirds of a lap anyone can do easily enough. The infield portion does the separating. The driving line is very technical, and takes precision to do quickly. I watched one gent doing some good laps in the GTR, and when he was done asked to see his time sheet. His best was in the 57 second range, with a top speed of 120. So, a target to shoot for.

When I finally got my turn, got in the car, met the ride-along, and we quickly chatted about my experience level. He seemed to take it OK. You could tell he was thinking, well, if you say so. I think he wanted to see in action. We rolled out to the start line, waited, and the radio went buzzy. Sigh, so back to the pits, change out batteries, and back out. As others have said, they limit speed on the first straight section leading to a big turn, and you can see why, as most folks have no idea about driving lines, threshold braking, trail braking when coming in too hot, on and on. So I couldn't really fault them for that. The wall looked like it was probably hurt.
About two-thirds of the way around the turn, the ride-along says "Hit it", and we floor it and off we go. Blow it up to big speed, then hard on the brakes to prepare to enter the infield. They had markers numbers up to six to mark the braking zone. I was guessing that #6 was likely double the distance needed to stop. In fact, what I found out was that about halfway to #5 was about as far as I could wait, even with threshold braking, to get it shut down sufficiently to make the turn. Maybe the bigger skins on the Lambo could go deeper. And of course the ride-along was ADAMANT that I had to be on the brakes at the Six. Made for an awkward stopping-too-early position a couple times. Just off the brakes for a instant or two while coming in cleaned that up.

As I said earlier, very technical infield. They have cones set at turn-in and apex (some VERY late apexes). They have rumble strips, I suppose to keep folks from just running over the cones. I just tapped the rumbles the first time through, he said Nah, miss those. So a few inches off thereafter. At the end of the infield section, a very short straight patch then back out on the big track. The ride-along was VERY observant of keeping speed somewhere around 75 in the first section, every time.

After a couple laps learning the line, started pushing it. Shaved off a second a lap pretty easily, though the ride-along was NOT going to let me go find the edge of the envelope. But I was still doing 80-90% of the max, and on a Ferrari with its computerized suspension, that is a LOT of g loading. I loved that the car had a real racing seat, so no sliding around. But I never had the tires squalling. Never heard ANYONE out there getting them squalling.

On lap 8, floor it coming out of the big turn, and the engine revs then just drops to idle. It's not my fault!! We slowly roll it back to the pits, and the ride-along tells one of the helpers the Traction Control arfed again. We hop out, and as I'd paid for ten laps, he said come on, let's grab the Italia. He said not many folks get to drive both, see what you think, see the differences, etc. Where the 430 is all business in the cockpit, the 458 is all lux. VERY nice.

So we roll it out, get in a practice lap to get the feel, then two hard laps. Blasting out of the corner, like driving my Vette, gotta hold onto the wheel to keep from flying around the cockpit. Gotta be up around 1 g. Fuuuuun.

Afterwards, looked at the numbers. I pulled a 57 second run in both of the Ferraris. The 430 had a best speed of 125, the 458 hit 128. I'm sure with a bit more flogging there was another second or two out there, and of course driving the first straight with acceleration and braking into the corner would shave a bit of time (its pretty short, actually). But they were not going for that, and I can understand that. But it really was enjoyable. Still had to work to get to even that 90% mark. Ten laps is really quick to try to dial in a new car on a new track. I'd imagine for folks who aren't used to driving really powerful lightweight cars, it's gotta be pretty mind-blowing. 5.5lbs/HP is not common.

For comparison, I drove an Audi R8 (big engine, AWD) on the F1 track in Dubai, and they DID let me whack the edge of the envelope repeatedly. But that ain't America. For this country, I imagine this is the best you'll get for just renting a Ferrari. At $60/lap, I am pleased. Everyone was polite and helpful, they recognize its an "experience", very customer service oriented.

11  Thank Godzilladude
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Reviewed 22 January 2014 via mobile

This was the best Christmas present ever!! If you want the chance to drive a $300,000 car you could never hope to own then this is how you do it!!! The whole process from check in to the drive went smooth. I was able to take the care out and drive as fast as I was able to do with my coach encouraging me to go even faster than I felt comfortable doing (yes that Ferrari was more car than I could handle and I'm not afraid to admit it). But I easily went over 100mph with no problems. If your a car enthusiast or know one then I highly recommend this.

2  Thank Terry G
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Reviewed 1 December 2013

My wife & I are Disney annual pass holders and at least 20 times in the last 2 years we have driven past the Disney track & I have stated my interest in trying the Exotic Driving Experience. So we had planned Thanksgiving at Disney & my wife booked this for me as a surprise.
Red flag #1. My wife and I are extremely punctual. She said she had a surprise for me but we would need to be at Disney at 8:15. She told me on the way there what the surprise was and that I had some paperwork to fill out before my scheduled drive time of 9:00. We arrived at 8:15 looked around a bit (actually wandered) as there is no signage as far as "Entrance" . Walked up to the registration area at 8:20 to be told "sorry, I am still filling out paperwork for my 8:00". Great! So I filled out my forms at 8:30 knowing immediately this whole process was going to be a series of delays. These forms would be a great place to gather a bit of information about the customer's driving experience & expectations. But no, they are just pages of disclaimers & waivers.
Red flag #2. Into the classroom we go. I must say I am a fan of exotics & even more of a fan of German sports cars. Having owned Porsches & BMW , my wife knew the best choice for me was the 997. One of the first statements out by the classroom "instructor" was "Who is here to drive the Porsh?" No big deal for most but for me it was like nails on a chalk board. This portion consisted of the instructor reading from an a powerpoint type presentation of the cars' specs, not unlike you would find in the brochure or a 3 second Google search.This was followed by a video of Christian Fittipaldi giving a walk through of the track. The finish of the classroom (the parts I picked up) involved " 75mph through the banked corner & wide open as soon as you see the Disney on the wall", more on this later.
Okay paperwork done, classroom done, out to the track. I see 50+ drivers waiting from the 8:00 class, it is 9:20 and this is where the real excuses start. I realize everything Disney involves a wait & a line but this was poor planning & execution. I watch the track and wonder why every car looks to be going so slow & feel bad when every one of them comes in with their brake rotors blue with heat & brake pads smoking. Wait,wait,wait.... 10:45 arrives, finally my time.
Red flag #3. I am not a professional driver but have a flawless driving record with 0 accidents or tickets in 25+ years of driving. I have ridden with professional drivers & know what certain cars can do. I get in the car & immediately realize I have driven more miles in reverse than my "instructor" has spent in a car (including from the time he was in a car seat). Ok, he may be a great driver, let's see how this goes. First lap, I don't know the track, cautious. Second lap, I start driving the car, mind you I am not here to flog anyone's $100,000 + car, but my wife did pay $$$$ for me to drive it. The cars have a potentiometer to control throttle usage by the driver, 0-100%. I know better than to battle the guy with the controls but his instructions were laughable. He limited me to 60 in the banked turn of a Nascar track in a new Porsche that could have done 85+ with a novice driver. I hit the throttle into the straight away & never saw 100. Alot of "brake,brake,brake" when it could have just been a lift. "Don't throttle out of the turns as it may cause it to spin out" Seriously? Ferdinand Porsche just rolled over in his grave if you think 40 mph is the top speed you can go through the chicanes in car with the traction control on. If you hit the brakes at the 6 on the track where they tell you to you can be fully stopped by the 3 to turn into the infield (6,5,4,3...). No wonder why the brakes are smoking hot, poor cars, treated worse than cows at a veal plant. Once I was told to take the slower unbanked infield onto the straightaway as someone was having a ride along experience. Wouldn't want them to miss out as I am driving on the equivalent of pit road at 45 mph.
I was smiling when I got out of the car, love that the wife selfishly did this for me (sat there patiently for 3 hours). She said "what happened?". You see she knows the difference between a car moving at speed and a car that is meandering around a race course looking like it is trying to find a mall parking spot. I explained the experience in the car & she immediately wanted to "talk" to somebody, I guess that 3 hour wait wasn't so patiently after all. I talk her out of there before any confrontation.
Final note, by best lap was a 1:03, I could have effortlessly turned a sub :50 in the BMW I drove to their track. You would be better suited renting a 283hp 2013 Dodge Caravan & racing through Disney's parking lot.....

30  Thank boatingjason
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