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“Surprisingly Fun”
Review of Lost Voyage - CLOSED

Lost Voyage
Reviewed 13 August 2011

My husband and I chose to do this as apart of our vacation on a whim when we kept on seeing a lot of billboards for this attraction around the dells and thought it sounded like fun. The tickets were a little spendy at $20 a pop but that's basically expected, considering where you are. The journey starts off with a haunted scary video of the history of the boat tours and a group of teenagers that got lost while searching for the missing tour boat. Then everyone (about 100 people) get on the tour boats and boat out onto the river. There is a story to listen to about the lost voyage on your way to the location in a "canyon" where they drop you off to explore in your VERY large group of people. Theres even a scavenger hunt you can complete along the way if you want, but we chose not to do that an just enjoy the scenery. When they drop you off you take a nice long walk through the woods/canyon on a paved walkway. Your job is to search for the missing tour boat. The walk took about 15 minutes. At the end very scary surprising things happen which was a nice twist to the adventure. Then you hurry back onto the boat to ride back to safety. The entire trip took about an hour and a half to two hours. The whole thing kind of felt like a Halloween tour any day of the year. My only real complaint was how many people go on one tour. There were two large tour boats full of people...easily 100 or so which made it difficult to hear our guide who shouted across to everyone. Also, our group was a little obnoxious during the "scary" parts. It would be nice to see them maybe only take one boat at a time, but given how much money they make off each person, I don't see that happening any time soon.

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Reviewed 8 August 2011

Our family took the night time cruise without knowing what it was about. We had a great time and the boys ( 10 and 12 ) are still talking about the tour.

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Reviewed 3 August 2011

Lost Voyage was a wonderful experience. You're taken out on the rive to find a "lost" tour boat at night. You windup walking through a narrow canyon in search of the boat and many interesting things happen. My son and I had a blast.

Thank Denny42
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Reviewed 3 August 2011

It started out with potential but became your average ghoul (or in this case zombies) chasing after you screaming. Again, the premise was good but its basically a boat tour to a remote part where you dock on walk down a path in the forest where your supposed to be scared. However, the customers where heckling the tour guides and supposed "scientists" Not really worth the $20 but you do get a nice eerie boat ride out of it.

Thank ambassadorz
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Reviewed 3 August 2011

My family of five went to Lost Voyage tonight, and I decided to write a review. I do not work for the company, and I have written many Tripadvisor reviews. I will not include any "spoilers".

My family of five, the Smythe's from Illinois, including two adults and three teens (age 19 and under) did the Lost Voyage tonight, a Tuesday in July. There were about 100 people to board two tour boats on a starry evening, and everyone got to sit on top (down under if they wanted to) and have a great view because they used two boats on purpose to give us views. The tour boards at the Dells boat tour area on main street--it's the one you can see down on the river, the same boats that provide slow and enjoyable sightseeing trips during the daytime. You can buy tickets there, or at the ticket booth down by the Mexicali Rose restaurant. The ticket price is the same for adults and children. The adventure includes a boat ride up the river, after dark, to a creek tributary called Cold Water Creek. It is about 25 minutes up to the boat dock, and you will not only go on the main Wisconsin Upper Dells river, but up an increasingly narrow creek way. It's so narrow and tree covered that you will wonder how they get such a large boat into a small area; and then the skilled driver has to turn it around in a super tight place. By then, it's dark outside, nearly 9pm.

You're let off on a dock in the woods by the creek, and you take a hike through very dense boardwalks and walkways, paved and gravel 5 foot walkways. You'll never be in the woods of hacking through brush. You follow along as a group. But what is neatest is the fact that the walkway gets more and more narrow. You literally walk into the narrows of the gulch, with trees high overhead, at night, no less, and it truly feels like you are in a cave. The distance is, oh, about 1/4 mile, but it seems longer because of all the rock and the views. At the end, you have a mini performance by some cast members, then you turn around and walk back the same way you came, but it's a frightening experience, let me say. I won't say what happens, but it's an experience my family will not soon forget. It's like a haunted house, only even more scary because it's at night and in the woods. Nothing gory or graphic, just chilling to the point that many adult ticketholders were screaming scared. No kidding!

A couple points. The whole thing started on time at 830pm, and we were back to the main dock at 1015pm. To get to the boats, you must walk down a long incline, and once off the boats, there is plenty of walking in the cavernous gulch, and I honestly can tell you that anyone who is overweight, a cardiac patient, or who has trouble walking should not even consider this trip for a moment. It's a load of up and down walking. Anyone older might think twice about taking it. I'd say, if an older person can walk up and down four flights of stairs, you can do it (my gauge, not the tour's gauge). If you can't, then you will not like this trip. Additionally, although there's no gross climbing or hills, the trail is up and down, and getting down to the boats is a four flight incline (although I think there is an elevator).

Children should not go on this adventure. It's scary. I asked my family for opinions, and generally we agreed with the trip's own literature: not for children 10 and under. We saw some kids, perhaps 8 years old, and they were screaming their heads off and holding daddy's hand tighter than a lock nut on a rusted bolt. A couple kids were crying. This is dark, and there are some scary moments, and I feel convinced that a kid 10 or under is too small, and a kid 11-12 is marginal. They might be okay after that age. Not for grossness or blood (kids can "take" plenty of that these days), but just because it's eerie and scary and I can't say more than that without giving it away. And frankly, that's what makes it fun for mature teens and adults.

The entire "finding the missing boat" theme is hokey. There's a video played for ten slow minutes before we get onto the boat, and it made everyone yawn as we stand there in the hot main room and can't even see it on the high TVs They encourage you to make a checklist and look for clues and go online and such. Frankly, if you look at the official website, it had me thinking twice about the entire attraction: far too high tech, with cumbersome promises to solve a mystery and go online and fill out a form and such. Who cares? We're tired, we swam all day, brains from school and work are on "deep hibernate", and we have no intentions of trying to solve a mystery. I thought, if this is too Sherlock Holmes-ish and not enough summer thrills and spills, I'm going to hate it.

And the rather murky website and theme would lead one to think this is more of an interactive puzzle than a fun attraction. Luckily, it's not very interactive, few people on my boat wanted to use the "checklist" and find clues in the dark, and everyone just seemed to have an eerie good time with it.

This is not a sightseeing cruise. The daytime sightseeing cruise by this same company is outstanding, with history and lore and seeing all the rock formations. Upper Dells is quite a bit better than Lower Dells (below the dam), in my opinion. Don't miss it. But the Lost Voyage has no narration related to the Dells or the area.

Lost Voyage is more of a haunted boat ride, with a walk in a spooky environment, and a surprise at the end. Frankly, if the attraction would get rid of the mystery part altogether and just bill it as an eerie adventure, I think it'd do better. Just leave the "hook" of the missing boat, and that's it.

The attraction had many people tonight. The dark ride upstream, and the spooky lighted dells of rock, and the tight environment reminded me of a cave tour, like in Kentucky or something. It honestly feels like you are in a cave, you literally squeeze past rocks sometimes. I suppose people with claustrophobia should avoid this attraction, also.

We really liked it. It's different. It's fun, exciting, unexpected things will happen, scary events will occur. Even with a hundred people on two boats that went upstream in our adventure (thanks to the tour operators for using two boats so that we could all sit in the open air seats), you'd think--how can it be scary? It is. You will feel alone in the tight twisty caverns when the mayhem breaks loose. I'm so glad we did this tour. It's rather economical for tickets, and the combo boat ride and land walk is great. You can bring a camera, and should wear comfortable walking shoes. You should bring a light jacket because, even when it;s hot out all day, it gets cool on the boat and in the woods.

Would I do it again? Not just yeah, but heck yeah! Sorry this is so long, but since there's literally nothing online about it, I thought I'd give you my spin on it, fresh on my mind from tonight. Have a great time in the Dells. Ciao.

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