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Plan Your Japan Holiday: Best of Japan

Timeless adventures await in Japan
A land where natural splendours and timeless traditions meet neon sci-fi cities and a frenetic buzz, Japan invites discovery at every turn. Be inspired by authentic experiences, invigorating nature breaks and offbeat adventures doubling as refreshing escapes. Once you’re tapped out exploring, relive the day’s highlights in a cosy ryokan or plush suite—sure to supercharge your well-being. Japan intrigues with its kaleidoscope of sights and sounds. While wandering in the lap of luxury, make the most out of your next getaway and tick off as many once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Prepare to be enthralled, captivated and delighted all at once.

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Elevate your Japan getaway with these refined experiences

Embark on a transformative journey to Japan

Commune with nature and revel in otherworldly views

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For your wilderness wandering, Japan is a wonderful base camp. It poses as a fine repository for all things natural, including sprawling national parks, scenic bays and mystical mountains. As you embark on soul-nourishing journeys here, focus on reconnecting with yourself while basking in many visual majesties.

Immerse in a riveting world of fine arts and culture

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Japan celebrates its rich heritage and arts scene. A myriad of museums, galleries, and peaceful shrines and temples beckon a visit—whether you’re craving some stillness or yearning to learn. Through your visits, gain a newfound appreciation for Japan art and artefacts, plus discover what Shintoism or Buddhism is all about.

Slip into superior comfort at these zen-inducing retreats

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In Japan, there’s no shortage of splendid stays for a total reset. Whether you choose idyllic villas kitted with modern creature comforts, restorative onsen escapes, or hotels with a sustainability ethos, you’ll have no trouble exhaling your way into total relaxation mode—and with outstanding Japanese hospitality to boot.

Indulge in finessed meals and refined dining experiences

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As you journey around Japan, send your tastebuds on a gastronomic adventure. Discover a cornucopia of flavours at a Michelin-starred establishment, relish masterfully-plated sushi and feast teppanyaki-style on mouthwatering Kobe beef. For the brave, consider sampling fugu (blowfish). Brace yourself for intimate epicurean encounters like no other.

Embark on offbeat adventures and embrace novel encounters

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Ignite your inner explorer and uncover authentic experiences in Japan. Go off-the-beaten-track and check into a castle stay, or catch an exclusive Geisha performance. For a bit of a splurge, board a luxury sleeper train and revel in cabin suites, gourmet cuisine and of course—postcard-perfect views of the passing landscapes.
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A guide to Kagoshima

Explore the gateway to Japan’s natural wonders and spiritual connections

Be inspired by these jaunts to Japan

A soul-stirring journey to discover Aomori’s nature, art and culture

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Aomori is the gateway to remarkable experiences, certain to inspire return visits. Bask in picturesque natural vistas, recalibrate in zen retreats and revel in near-surreal serenity. Besides immersing in lush nature and fascinating culture, seize the chance to sample some of the glossiest Fuji apples in the world.

Visit Kagoshima and UNESCO World Heritage Yakushima for revitalising escapes

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Beyond its majestic volcano-laden landscapes, Kagoshima is ripe for marine pursuits like snorkelling, surfing and diving. If you’re not taking in views above or below its cobalt waters, sip on some of Japan’s best sake—brewed from Satsuma sweet potatoes. Nearby, Yakushima Island beckons for its mystical and otherworldly beauty.

Tokyo and Amami: Blending modern spots with traditional stops

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Tokyo’s buzzing energy, impeccable dining scene and world-class hotels will leave you reeling for more. After soaking in the capital’s sights and sounds, slow down and take in Amami’s wonders. Sleep inches away from the ocean in a luxe villa, anticipate mindful relaxation and find your inner balance.