Joyama is known by its south face steep monolithic cliff which attracts rock climbers. Since it is close to Tokyo metropotarian area this crag has been used for training grounds for both beginners and advanced level climbers who are planing to challenge the Kita Alps crags or Swiss Alps rock faces. According to the expert of the area it has over 400 courses including some of the difficult overhangs. The mountain ,342 meters in elevation, used to be the fortress from which the name Joyama (castle mountain) originated. Ordinary hikers can also climb up the mountain commanding  excellent views including Mt.Fuji if you have luck. Climb entrance is about 20 minutes walk from the Izuhakone Line Ohito station.

**Popular hiking trails 
A: Ohito station ---- Joyama---Mt. Katsuragi---Izunagaoka Spa (approximately 3 hours)
Note: Hikers take the detour course to the Mt. Joyama. No hiking trails from crag side.
B: Ohito station-----Joyama---Mt. Katsuragi---Mt. Hattanjo--Mito Coast (approximately 5 hours)
Note: There's the three way junction between Joyama and Mt. Hattanjo and one route reaches Mt. Katsuragi. If you take this trail you must go back to the three-way junction from Mt. Katsuragi to go to Mt. Hattanjo.