The village itself is beautiful and quaint, with an ageing population - very few children as there's little employment in the area. A lovely church, one small restaurant, a couple of small shops and that's about it .

The lake is about 3 miles away and is worth visiting - if only to marvel at such an expanse of water with so few leisurecraft; if one thinks that the Algarve, that land of villas and mass tourism, is only 30 miles away, it really is miraculous that the lake - and the area surrounding it - is so unspoiled. The lake is massive - officially it's over 150 miles around and holds a stupendous 480,000,000 cubic meters of water - and is used primarily as irrigation for the market gardens along the west coast. The water's so clean you can drink it, and warm too. Temperature in summer is 28ºC/82ºF, the same as a heated pool.

There's a Government-sponsored hotel on the lake called the Pousada. Views are wonderful, both of the lake and the valley it sits above, and it has a large dining room and lounge, and also a swimming pool, ('cos there's a public road between the hotel and the lake).

Quinta do Barranco da Estrada is a small lodge with a real family atmosphere overlooking the lake. It's been built by the present owners from scratch, a labour of love that's taken over 20 years. The furnishings are a mix of Portuguese and English, with beautiful and interesting antiques dotted around, each of them with a story. A large dining room with log fire and a view to die for makes any meal here a pleasure

While you're in the area, you should visit the Monestary de Santa Clara a Velha. It is reputed to be the most important monument in the Gothic style in Portugal.  Comment from another writer: There's no such monestary hereabouts ..... This reviewer has probably mistaken this area for somewhere else ... Comment from another writer: The "Mosteiro de Santa Clara a Velha" is renowned and worth a visit, but it is located in Coimbra, some 300 km away.