Morella is a small town of 2900 inhabitants, located in the northern mountains of Castellon, about 984 meters above sea level. It is situated at the very top of a mountain, and the town is enclosed within impressive walls that are still intact. The wall was constructed in the 14th century and is 2500 meters long, and the gate to the town is called the Gate of San Miguel, located between two tall towers. There are a total of 14 towers. There is a castle at the top of the town. The town has always had good commerce within its surrounding region. The town shows its medieval past with its buildings. Today there are many stores that line the narrow streets, and the stores sell souvenirs, handicrafts, ham, sausages, woolen sweaters, and cheese.  The town is one of the best walled towns in Spain and is a tourist center because of its beauty.

The City Hall is very well preserved and this dates to the Gothic period. The building has been modified with modern structures, but the original building can still be seen, and this has been awarded prizes for good architecture, a role model of how to modernize historic buildings but still show the original structure. There is an exhibit of the Cross of the Three Crowns, which represents the Papa Luna, King Fernando I, and San Vicente Ferrer, carved in stone and which used to sit just outside the walls. This historic relic is very valuable, so it has been moved to the City Hall to preserve it from the elements.

The Basilica of Santa Maria la Mayor was built between 1265 and 1343. The church has three naves and three apses, and has the Gothic style. The Apostles facade (which has the figures of the 12 apostles) and the Virgins facade are on the same side of the building, which is unusual. During the middle ages, prostitution was legal. However when the prostitutes visited the church, they had to use the Virgins door, which now seems like a joke. The high altar is Churrigueresque and there are three impressive rose windows from the 14th century with their original stained glass. The church is famous for a spiral stone staircase going up to a choir, and the artist for the sculpture on the staircase was Antoni Sancho. There are religious figures on the side of the staircase that were polychromed. There is a museum in the church that has a very beautiful golden crucifix, that is the best example of the goldsmith art. The organ came from Torull and dates from 1717.

The Dinosaur Museum is located in the Towers of San Miguel, which show models of dinosaurs and some fossil found in the nearby area.

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