Official Tsukiji Market Visitor Rules 

New Rules Limit the Number of Daily Visitors at Tsukiji Market  

Due to the growing number of visitors to the early morning fresh fish auctions, the Tsukiji Market has implemented strict visitor controls.  The rules for the auctions are as follows:

Official Tsukiji Market tours were re-started from July 26.

Daily limit of visitors has been lowered from 140 to 120

Check in is at the Kachidoki Gate, Sakana Fukyu Center, 1F.

Earliest check in time has been changed from 0430 to 0500.

Tour groups are broken into two groups of 60 each.

The tour is conducted from 0525 to 0550 for the first group and 0550 to 0615 for the second group.

The tour is free.

Here is the link to the official instructions posted at the market.

Official Tsuki Market Visitor Rules

If you don't go at 0430 there seems no point to go earlier than around 0900.

On Saturdays, it's so busy, that one must be there at 4am to insure a place in one of the groups!!! 

Closure and Relocation in November 2016: in advance of redevelopment of the Tsujiki Market site for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Tsujiki Fish Market will be closed and relocated to a modern site 2.3 Km away in Toyosu opening in November 2016. [A number of guide books and articles have listed this closure date as May 2015, however construction at the new location has been delayed several years by site remediation issues.] This new 100 acre 'Toyosu Fish Market' will have tourist facilities.