Galvez House Museum


The Galvez House Museum (Casa Museo Los Galvez) is located at Avenida de los Galvez, 13. The museum is dedicated to the history of the prominent Galvez Family. The Galvez Family went to the town in the 16th century, but they became very prominent only in the 18th century. Jose de Galvez was born in the town in 1720 and became one of the most important and progressive ministers of King Carlos III. He founded the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. He was given the title of Marques de Sonora by the crown. His brother Matias became the first Viceroy of New Spain (Mexico and Central America). Another brother, Miguel, became the governor of Malaga.


The son of Matias was Bernardo de Galvez, and he became the most famous member of the family. He had important government jobs in the Spanish Louisiana Territory. When the United States had its War of Independence against the British, Bernardo had a very prominent role in helping the Americans. He conquered the cities of Mobile and Pensacola, where he showed extreme bravery. The city of Galveston in Texas was named after him and he has appeared on US stamps and honored in Mobile and Galveston.


Another member of the family was Maria Rosa de Galvez, who was an author of dramas and pioneered the rights of women in the late 18th century. The museum also houses the paintings of the American Robert Harvey and the Spanish Rafael Carmona, both painters having lived in Macharaviaya.


Dr. Jose Galvez, who lived between 1856 and 1952, was a famous gynecologist in Malaga, who served as mayor for three years. He became the president of the Doctors' College and founded the Clinica Galvez, which is beside the Cathedral. The clinic is a private clinic and is one of the more famous clinics in Malaga.


Galvez Museum Hours:


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