SOUTHERN SIAN KA'AN: Most of the reveiws have focused on the Sian Ka'an Biosphere with access from Tulum.  In reality, the Sian Ka'an consists of a very large area extending on the West as far as Felipe Carrillo Puerto and to the south towards the tourist town of Mahahual.  The Southern end is very undeveloped with no hotels or formal tours within the Biosphere.  The Hotel closest to the Sian Ka'an is Mayan Beach Garden where  they dispense advise and napkin maps. There are also two or three vacation homes that are closer for those wanting to stay in a home and venture out for day trips.    Inside the Sian Ka'an, one will find kilometers of empty beach, a single lane beachroad cut through old coconut plantations, lots of birds, butterflies and spectacular beaches. Those  into yoga can stay at Tolan Yoga retreat during the months of January - April.  Tolan  is 9 kilometers into the reserve offering completely off the grid vacationing. 
Punta Mosquitera restaurant and bar
  Punta Mosquitera, 20 km into the reserve can be talked into renting a couple of hammocks for the night.  They also offer safe  camping as there are always people there and  flat cleared ground where a tent can be pitched.  Despite the name, there are few Mosquitos at the point.. NOTE: their restaurant is often without food but the bar is always stocked and they have a flush toilet and shower. 
Punta Herrera



The Southern end of the Sian Ka'an really is a place for those loving adventure and solitude. Those willing to drive to the "end of the road" will find Punta Herrera, one of the last fishing villages of its kind.  If you close your eyes and imagine a Mexican fishing village, you will picture Punta Herrera, now a lobster village, but soon to be opening up to tourism.  Plans are already under way to build a two store hotel owned by the fishing cooperative, so it will most likely change before long.  Still, the lack of of reliable communication will make that change slow in coming.

At this moment, the adventuresome can talk someone into renting a room with a couple of hammocks, but there are no formal lodging facilities.  People are friendly and accomodating and want to help you.  There is a restaurant and one can usually talk someone into taking tourists out into the lagoons.  NOTE: this is not a tour - its almost better.  The people who will take visitors in the their boats are fishermen who make their livelihoods by fishing there.  During the months of February and March when the large water birds are nesting, they can take visitors to bird island.  Other times, one can see the giant Osprey nest,  some times manatees nesting; always giant starfish and rays.

 Punta Herrera Village homes


 Recently the fishermen at Punta Herrera are willing to take visitors lobster fishing where one can dive down and catch their own lobster, then have it cooked up in the restaurant.  There are a couple of fishermen who speak English - again, stop in at Mayan Beach Garden who can give you contacts in the village. (NOTE: Mayan Beach Garden is located in Placer, about 22 km south of the entrance into the Sian Ka'an on the beach road)

The road inside the Sian Ka'an is interesting as well.  Its a beachroad, so don't expect speed.   Visitors can stop anywhere along the way and explore the beaches. It is wise to  respect the few fisherman shacks one sees and obvious properties owned by people, but there is so much to explore it won't be hard to find isolation.

  Boogie Board Beach

How to get there: Drive south on 307 past village of Limones.  Turn left traveling East towards Mahahual and the Costa Maya.  This is at a well marked intersection.  Travel to the gas station and gas up - you won't find another gas station in the Sian Ka'an.  Continue going east for about 200 meters, just past km 52.  Make a left.  The signs there are poor, but it is the first paved road you will come to. This road is called the Jungle road because it cuts through the Mangrove jungle and extends for 45 km to the entrance of the Sian Ka'an. There are no services along this road. Punta Herrera is another 33.5 km on a beach road .