Any tour of Soweto should begin with a few hours at the Apartheid Museum to get comprehensive background and history of Soweto.

This tour therefore starts from the museum.

- Leaving the Apartheid Museum, join the M1 South and proceed to join the N1 South (Bloemfontein).
- Take the Soweto offramp (M68) and turn right to join Chris Hani Road (also known as Old Potchefstroom Road).
-  You'll soon enter Soweto.
-  Few minutes later you'll begin to drive past the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, which is the only public hospital serving millions living in Soweto, and therefore the largest hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa.
- Opposite the hospital will be the revamped Bara Taxi Rank, which is the largest and you can even take taxis from here to Lesotho and Mozambique, among the rest of South Africa.
-  Proceeding on Chris Hani Road, you'll drive past the old Power Station, which was the standalone power station serving Soweto during Apartheid, now decommissioned, and now the site of the colourful "Twin Towers" .
-  Further up will be the latest addition to Soweto on your right, the very impressive Maponya Mall, the largest shopping mall in Soweto.
-  By now you'll have driven past 2 of the 7 major townships that make up the South West Townships (where Soweto gets its name), Diepkloof and Pimville.
-  Cross Klipspruit Valley Road and proceed on Chris Hani Road until you get to Elias Motsoaledi Road.
- At this intersection will the large Regina Mundi Catholic Church, which played a huge part in the Soweto history, and was where Desmond Tutu preached, and more recently where Michelle Obama gave her speech in Soweto.  The church is in Mofolo, another of the townships.
- From the church you'll return back towards the hospital on Chris Hani Road.
- Next major intersection will be Klipspruit Valley Road where you'll turn left.
- Few minutes later you'll pass the Dube Hostel on your right which is one of the biggest hostels built to house male immigrant labourers during Apartheid.
-  2nd major intersection will be the Kumalo Main Road where you'll turn Left.  You'll now be entering Orlando East (another of the major townships).
-  Further up on your right will be the Hector Peterson Memorial.  There's plenty of parking around the Memorial and plenty curio merchants and also the Hector Peterson Museum which is worth taking an hour or more going through.
- From the Memorial, you can drive few meters (following the sign posts everywhere) to Mandela's old home, which is now a museum, on Vilakazi Street.
- Also on Vilakazi Street is Desmond Tutu's old home.
-  Have lunch/drink at Sakhumzi on Vilakazi Street.
-  Leaving Orlando East back on Kumalo Main Street, you'd now turn left to proceed on Klipspruit Valley Road.
-  You'll soon pass the revamped Orlando Stadium on your right.
-  After the stadium you'll get the main intersection with Soweto Highway, turn Right.
- Proceed with Soweto Highway, back past Diepkloof and follow signs to join the M1/N1 Johannesburg to drive back out of Soweto.

Hope this helps.