The Sequoia and  Kings Canyon National Parks offer great beauty for the first-time or return visitor alike.  One of the main attractions here are the tall, towering trees that are a sight to behold.  These trees are the largest living things on earth and are called Sequoiadendron giganteum  (previously Sequoia gigantea) . They are "cousins" to the tallest trees on earth, the California Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) which grow only on the north coast of California.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, Giant Sequoia National Monument, and Sequoia and Sierra National Forests contain over 30 of the top 40 largest sequoias in the world. Sequoias can be over 40 feet wide, grow to over 250 feet tall and may live for over 3000 years.

Make sure you check out the General Sherman tree. Although a few of the coast redwoods are taller, it is the largest living thing on earth by volume.  It is located in the Giant Forest area.

The second largest tree in the world, called the General Grant tree, is a National Shrine - a memorial to those Americans who have died in war. It was designated the nation's "Christmas Tree" in 1926 and it's located in Grant Grove.

The Atwell Grove area has a unique tree that has the largest known limb of any tree - 12 feet in diameter!

There are many other things to see here, including Moro Rock (a huge granite dome), Tunnel Log, Crystal Cave, Knapp's Cabin, and lovely meadows and breathtaking viewpoints. There are many hiking trails and picnic areas in the Park, making this a wonderful place for a family outing. 

Note for RVers:  Some of the roads within the parks are not suitable for RVs or any large vehicles over about 22 feet long. Check carefully with the park office. For more information....

GPS units may not work in the park.

The Trees Below are : Robert E Lee  ...  Hart Tree ...  Packsaddle Giant (from the Giant Sequoia National Monument) ...  and Boole Tree, in the Sequoia National Forest.


  Hart Tree Packsaddle Giant Boole Tree
Redwoods in the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park and National Forest