On the island of Anguilla, there are many car rental options available.  But before hiring a vehicle, there are a few things to consider. 

            First of all, driving is done on the left hand side of the road.  If this is a major concern, consider another form of transportation. 

            A valid driver’s license is necessary to drive on the island, along with a local driving permit, which costs around $20 USD. The permits are available for purchase through the local rental agencies.

            Many of the island’s major roads are well paved.  However, the off roads and back roads are usually dirt and can be in poor condition, so be careful and don’t drive fast.  On most roadways the speed limit is 30 mph.

            There are many rental agencies located on Anguilla and most of them hire vans, jeeps and cars.  The rates per day usually range from $40 - $150 but there are $35 rentals available at a few agencies.  Note that weekly rates are available and are usually cheaper.  Visit Anguilla Rentals for a list of available companies on the island.

  Most  car rental transactions are done in the island spirit: and include a good amount of goodwill:returnong the  car  is the solution to most problems (flat tire, dead battery (don't leave the air condiitoning on with your engine off!), accident (we were rear-ended on Anguilla's main road; this attracted a sizeable crowd of helpful locals: they phoned the car rental agency and the manager was there in 5 mn;  nothing is far on Anguilla). But you should still do a walk around upon taking the car. We've had bald tires, loose hubcaps, low charge battery, loose (and ventually dropping off) quarter panel plastic lining. None of these were major annoyances, but it does take an hour of your time to (probably) get another car.

            Taxis are readily available on the island, and are VERY expensive.  For example, a two minute trip from Blowing Point Ferry to a villa 500 yards away (in a 15 passenger van) cost $90.  If you plan to leave your hotel or villa at all, you should rent a car.  The taxi  rates are un-metered and are published at Destination Rates.  For more information on Taxi fares go to www.anguillaguide.com.

            Some final thoughts.  Rental cars can be had for $215/wk so it's a "do the math" issue. In additon to the 80 or so restaurants, there are 33 beaches, some of which are VERY secluded and the others are usually pretty empty.

            If you decide on a cab, the thing to do is make friends with a cabbie and have that person drive you all week -- you can work out a deal that way. 

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