Do you like fishing and want to try something adventurous? 

If you're a fervent fisher and want to try something else (next to getting on a big Yacht) maybe you can try fishing on one of the local fishermen's boats. Usually they are colored red with orange, yellow or blue. The top side will usually be orange or yellow so it's easily spotted from afar or from the air. The size of these boats tends to be between 20 and 30 feet, even though there are some which are only 15 feet long. They tend to make nice pictures to send back home.


You don't get a fishing rod to fish with on these boats. Everything is done with your own hands. You will have to put your own bait on the hook, get the line in the sea (depth depends on where the captain takes you) and start fishing. The depth is measured by way of "brasas" which literally means arms/hug or in this case arm length. When you stretch your arms it will reach about 6 feet. When hauling in the line the amount of brasas is counted to find out roughly how deep the sea is at that point. When you got something on the line you will have to fight with the fish on your own to get it in. If you like fishing, this is a must. You can get "pisca cora" (red snapper), tuna, or even a small shark (which, by the way, tastes delicious).


There are several places where local fishermen can be found. Next to the Marriott you have the fishermen's huts where (in the early morning) you can find them. Or you can ask someone at Hadicurari (next to Marriott Surfclub) or near the Yacht harbor in front of the Rennaisance (downtown). Mostly they will only ask you to help them out with the money to buy gas for the outboard engines (usually about $50, which is a lot less than the $200 or more you'll have to pay on a yacht).