In terms of the weather, there is not ever a bad time of year to visit Oranjestad.  Temperatures stay approximately the same all year long, averaging 27 °Celsius (82 °Fahrenheit), and almost always staying somewhere between 24 °C (75 °F) and 32 °C (90 °F).  There is a nice breeze throughout the year, although September tends to be the month with the least cool air blowing through, so visitors wishing to avoid the hottest time of year should plan trips any time other than in September.

Oranjestad has a rainy season in late fall and early winter, but the rains are sparse and do not cause problems for most visitors.   Average annual rainfall in Oranjestad is less than twenty inches and there are no tropical storms in the area for visitors to worry about.   There is some humidity throughout the year, but Oranjestad is probably the least humid area in all of the Caribbean and most visitors are not bothered by the humid days.   More information about the weather in Oranjestad can be found at the CNN Weather Page for Aruba: .  

Although the weather stays beautiful all year round, Oranjestad does have its off season and its busy season in terms of tourist influx.  Generally, the months which are cold in the rest of the world, from approximately December through April, are the months in which people tend to flock to Oranjestad.   This means that rates are higher during the winter months but entertainment and attractions are also more frequent during this time of year.  Attractions do stay open all year long and many visitors take advantage of the discounted rates in the summer months to get better deals on visiting the things they want to see in Oranjestad.