Carnival is perhaps the most important celebration in Barbuda. It is deeply rooted in the history of the islands and it goes back to 1834 when slavery was abolished and Antiguans celebrated on the streets. This explosion of happiness was repeated over the years until 1957 when it was transformed into a more formal event and the first official Antiguan Carnival was celebrated.

Every August for 10 days, people take the street to dance and play music, there are parade and there is even a Carnival Queen pageant. The festival takes place at Antigua Recreation Ground and you need to purchase tickets to be part of the event. After ten days of celebration, the Carnival ends with a non ending party on the streets "J'Ouvert" on the following Monday in August.

There is schedule of main events for each of the ten days of the Carnival. They include a Female Calypso Competition, Queen of Carnival, and Parading of Bands among other events. For the current calendar of events, check out the festval's website at