Bermuda is divided up into nine parishes: Sandys (don't pronounce the 'y'), Southampton, Warwick, Paget, Pembroke, Devonshire, Smith's, Hamilton, and Saint George's.  Hamilton and Saint George's parishes are distinct from the centres of the same names.  Bermuda has one city, Hamilton, and the town of Saint George's, which was the country's capital until 1793.  These comprise Bermuda as a geographic and political entity.  Even within these basic divisions, there are subdivisions.  Pembroke Parish (the most densly populated parish) is subdivided into Pembroke East and West for political purposes. Saint George's Parish is divided up into Saint George's Island and Saint David's Island, and though parts of the same parish, are distinctly different places. One of the most popular locations for visitors on Bermuda is its "south shore,"  which, depending on how you define it, can include portions of Southampton, Warwick, and Paget parishes to the west, and Paget, Devonshire, Smith's, and Hamilton parishes to the east.

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