In contrast to some of the Caribbean islands, Bermuda is a short 2-hour plane ride from major East Coast Gateway cities (NY-JFK, LaGuardia, NJ-Newark, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami, and Toronto), and direct flights are also available from Atlanta and Detroit.  There are daily British Airways flights to London-Gatwick in the summer months; the schedule is slightly reduced for the winter months

Located on the eastern end of the island, Bermuda's only airport is Bermuda International Airport.  Clearing Bermuda customs is striaghtforward once you make your way through the que which can take thirty minutes.  Once on the island, there are always taxis waiting to take you where you need to go, as rental cars are prohibited. Also note that although there is an excellent bus service on the island, you cannot take luggage on the bus. Transfer time into Hamilton is around 30 minutes by taxi. Taxis are metered by law. Gratuities are not required, but are expected. A 10% tip is appropriate. Luggage is charged at the rate of $1 per piece. The fare from the airport to the middle of the island is about $35.

Cruise Ship 
Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, Bermuda's ports are usually occupied by gigantic cruise ships.  It has been said that when ships are docked at all three areas (Hamilton, St. George, and the Dockyard) the population of the island doubles.  Some 300,000 will visit by cruise ship in the 2009 season. Cruise ships will not be docking in Hamilton in 2009. Taxis and the Bermuda public transportation buses will be waiting at these locations as well.  Seeing parts, or all, of the island is fairly cost effective at around $40 per hour for a car of four people. Also, from each of these three points the sea ferry system that employs very fast and efficient catamaran ferries, are available. Indeed, the main ferry point is in Hamilton on the waterfront.  

For the rare few that know how to sail, or know someone that's a sailor, entering the popular Newport to Bermuda sailing race is another way to find your way to the island.