One excellent choice for a family outing would be to book an escorted taxi tour with one of the Blue Flag Guides. These tours usually run $50-or-so per hour, with a three hour minimum (tours usually stretch out to 4 hours).  Blue Flag taxi guides are very knowledgeable about all things Bermuda and usually charming hosts. You can check with the Tourist Information office either on the Square in Saint Geoge's, next to the main public ferry terminal (at 'Birdcage') in downtown Hamilton or across from King's Wharf out at Dockyards...or check taxis at the regular taxi stands for the Blue Flag Guide emblem.

One such Blue Flag guide who is very knowledgeable is Lloyd J. Smart (see info below).  Lloyd knows about all things Bermudian.  He is especially interested in Bermuda history.  Not every taxi driver has the level of expertise that the Blue Flag Guides tend to have.

Lloyd J. Smart VIP TAXI SERVICE (6-seat A/C mini-van)

Car / cell phone--(441) 234-8688

Home--------------(441) 236-2957

Fax------------------(441) 236-7359  


For other family excursions, there are the natural caves-- Crystal and Fantasy Caves    

For a basic snorkelling excursion, those offered by Jesse James Cruises are good for families with children and those new to snorkeling.    

Another perrennially popular family activity is helmet diving (perhaps to get some sense of what it feels like to be on the inside of the aquarium looking out).


Trail rides from Spiceland's Riding Center are popular.  Try to book these for early morning, before the day becomes too warm.

When there are two cruise ships berthed at Saint George's, the three (3) small beaches out there, Tobacco Bay, Achilles Bay, and Saint Catherine Beach, tend to become carpeted over with cruise line beach towels.  Instead try taking the #1 bus line 30 minutes to the nearest South Shore beach at John Smith Bay. It's a great beach for families.  The shelving is very gradual with light to moderate surf for younger children and their parents' peace of mind.

There are three other great South Shore beaches - Elbow Beach, Warwick Long Bay, and Horseshoe Bay.  It's a two-bus trip from Saint George's and takes approximately 90 minutes to get to Horseshoe Bay.  Another option is to take the high-speed ferry from Saint George's to Dockyard and then take a #7 Dockyard/South Shore Beaches/Hamilton bus to the beaches along this stretch.  

Saint George's also has a Market Night street fair on the Square and surrounding streets on Thursday nights from 7-to-10 PM that's usually fun.  The shops stay open late, and there are local vendors, activities for kids, hair-braiding, face-painting, henna tattoos, games, etc.

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