Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda is a very clean city. It is an exciting place, with various international restaurants that line up the waterfront. It has upscale shopping district for savvy shoppers or small souvenir shops for bargain hunters.

The harbor in the city is small, at times it could be busy with luxury cruise lines. It has an efficient bus and boat lines that could take you from one point of the island to the next. Try the boat express, it is fun and very relaxing, you can also combine traveling by boat and bus.

Walk up and down the streets of Hamilton and you will see Moongates in front of houses, stop and snap a shot. If you are with your special someone; do what the locals do, stand underneath this Moongate, hold hands and kiss for good luck. You will also notice the special ridged white roofs in most houses, another famous scenes in Bermuda. These roofs were designed to catch rain water.  

Visit Hamilton's Postal Office and mail a postcard stamped by one of the oldest post office in the area, there is also a museum near this place.

The locals wear Bermuda shorts in offices, so you will see men wearing bright red, green or yellow Bermuda shorts with suits and ties, it is hip! Bring home a pair for you dad, uncle or buy one for your husband.

Bermuda is blessed with pink sand beaches the most famous of all is Horshoe Bay, this is a public beach and day visitors from cruise ships line up their beach towels on the shore. This could be very crowded, so you should come early to stake your part of the beach. They have shower stalls and toilets, and a refreshment store before you enter the beach area.  

If you like a different scene, and want to avoid the large crowd, walk pass Horshoe Bay, follow the trail and you will end up at the most stunning view of Jobson's Cove. It has been featured in many travel magazines, it has limestone cliffs and gorgeous pink sand. Warwick Bay is also a good choice to swim.

Check out also Gibb's lighthouse, go up the top of the lighthouse for a few dollars and you will have the most awesome views of Bermuda. Don't miss this thing, it is worth the way to the top. Don't forget your camera. There is a height requirement here, so it might not be a good idea if you have kids.

Another spot to check out is the, Royal Naval Dockyard, they have a park where you can snorkel. This used to be the naval defense of the British Navy, the museum is huge and interesting. Bring your best camera, the views here are picture perfect. Nearby, they offer a chance to swim with the Dolpins. While you are there, you can also visit the building that has the glass blowing and rum cake factory next to each other.

Try the Frog and Onion Pub and grab a shirt or a cap for a great souvenir. Bermuda is known for their onions and the singing frogs that you hear at night.

Of course, if you are adventurous, go ahead and drink "Dark and Stormy", that is what Bermuda's weather is known for.

One of the souvenirs that you can buy while in Bermuda is, a gold pendant with Bermuda's famous pink sand encased in a glass. That way, you will always have a part of Bermuda with you. You can find it in most jewelry shops along Hamilton street or at St. George.

If you are planning your trip to Bermuda, just be forewarned, it is expensive! Hotel prices are on the pricey side. Bring lots of money, you are going to need it!!