If you’re planning a trip to Paget, there are a variety of tourist board and official tips available to you, which are all online and which feature a variety of useful information. Be careful with travel advice from websites not affiliated with a travel company or a Bermuda tourist agency.

The Bermuda Tourist website ( www.bermudatourism.com) offers a wealth of information about Bermuda itself, the various areas and historical backgrounds of Bermuda and even offers travel tips, the opportunity to book travel, and some tips for traveling to Bermuda. This will help you plan your trip, be prepared for what you might need and/or find in Bermuda and even get an estimate of your travel time from any of the eastern American states.

Another very useful site is Bermuda.com ( www.bermuda.com), which offers a lot of the same information as the Bermuda tourist site, but with a different flair. This site offers an active look at traveling to Bermuda and even offers video clips and pictures to help you plan your trip. Thinking of relocating to Bermuda or purchasing a vacation home there? This site can help you with that as well. Click on “activities” for a full listing of popular activities in Bermuda and links to help you plan your fun activities on the island.