If you want to get away from Paget for the day, there are many choices. Bermuda is small so you can get just about anywhere and back to your hotel in a day. Here are a few highlights for day trips:

Be sure to visit Hamilton, which is the capital of Bermuda. It’s about 15 minutes from Paget and here you can shop, eat, enjoy festivals, and examine the history of Bermuda and its people. Once in Hamilton, you might want to enjoy the view from Barr’s Park, which is a waterfront park from which you can enjoy watching boats (perhaps cruise ships), people and just relax. There are a few museums dedicated to Bermuda’s history in Hamilton and the Bermuda National Gallery.

Head for St. George Town and take a walking tour of one of the oldest Northern European municipalities in the Western Hemisphere. St. George is believed to have inspired William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. The town is full of stone buildings modeled after ones in Great Britain and giving the look of an old work town.

Visit the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southhampton Parish – it’s the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world. This lighthouse sits 245 feet above the water and is powered these days with electricity. While you’re there, enjoy English tea at the Lighthouse Tea Room.