Personal Safety

Although generally a safe place to travel, crime in the Barbados has been on a steep increase in 2008. It is wise for tourists to avoid certain high risk activities. Such activities include walking on secluded beaches, day or night, and walking in unfamiliar residential neighborhoods or secluded areas away from main roads. Tourists, particularly women, should always stay in groups. The most common kinds of crimes against tourists include taxi fraud, robbery, and shortchanging; however, physical assaults are becoming more common. Twice in January of this year, tourist groups on guided tours of the island were held up.

A Foreign Office spokesman issued travel advice to warn British nationals that attacks had taken place in the area and continue to monitor levels of crime in Barbados, in line with global policy in order to ensure that travel advice remains accurate and up-to-date.’ 

Drug Activity

Another area of concern for visitors to Barbados is drugs. The country's strict anti-drug policy is made apparent to visitors coming through Customs. Tourists may be offered marijuana or even cocaine frequently. Sellers often roam the beaches selling, sometimes aggressively, aloe vera or other such innocuous goods as a pretense to begin a conversation about "ganja," "smoke" or "bad habits." As a result, many hotels and resorts now ban the use of aloe vera under the pretense that it "stains the towels." Regardless of one's inclination to using these drugs, it is not advisable to accept these offers. Marijuana is considered bad and is not accepted by Bajan police. While Bajan police are not frequently encountered, they prosecute drug crimes with great prejudice.


In the summer Mosquitos are very rampant and Vaseline with Citronella is a big reccomendation from the locals to avoid bites.  It is the best thing on the market to help avoiding bites. It can be found in most drug stores in Bridgetown Barbados. 

Bugs in general are non-existant during late December into January.  Never needed repellant....hardly saw any insects at all.