Weather and when to go always seems to be a topic of interest.

June to November is the Hurricane Season in the Caribbean,& although Barbados has not been hit for some time the weather that accompanies the hurricane can be very uncomfortable, so do not underestimate the power of nature, it's not just Barbados that "might" get rain, it's every where but having said that it's a great time for low rates and deals.

Cooler weather sets in around mid December. The days are not so hot...the breeze is blowing constantly and the night air can sometimes feel a little cooler than normal. The heat comes back in around mid April, but again, it depends. The days can sometimes be unbearable if you aren't used to it, and even if you are used to it, June, July and August are hot just like everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere during that time of year. The terms "hot" & "cool"are relative in the tropics.  Average daytime temperature in Barbados is probably 28 degrees Celsius +/-5 c for seasonal variations, & drops by about 30% at night- not cool by european standards! One of the attractions of Barbados & the region in general is the climate,especially the "high season" when it is more temperate rather than just  hot.

Current weather and a 5 day forecast for Barbados

December 15 - April 15 is considered High Season.  April 15 - December 15 is considered  low season. 

Come all year long...and don't gets hot here just like at home and it rains here just like at home..(but it never gets cold..) so please enjoy and bring your umbrella.