Driving is on the left 

In Barbados the cars have the steering wheel on the right hand side, like in England, so all traffic is on the other side of the road. Beware of this when walking.

The main city of Bridgetown can be accessed by public transport for BD$2.00. Stand at Bustops marked "To City" and when you see the bus or ZR van approaching, flag it down with your hands. The city is quite small and all shopping can be done on foot.

Barbados has high road density and roads can be quite narrow. There is a highway called the ABC which starts at the airport in the south and ends at Mile and A Quarter in the north. Many small roads through the sugar cane plantations sometimes make the driving a little bit complicated  but you won't get lost for too long.

You can rent a small car or motorcycles for a reasonable price. You MUST get a local drivers permit which is arranged by the rental agency and usually included in the rental fee. You must have a valid licence and be over 21 years to rent a car.

To visit the different beaches you can take the bus or rent a car. Some attractions are in the middle of the Island (Harrison caves, Flower Forest, Orchid World to mention a few)) or on east coast (eg. Andromeda Botanical Gardens)