There is a traditional meal in Barbados eatan on a Saturday called Puddin and Souse.  It's Black Pudding (if you know what that is) and Pig parts that are pickled and combined with items such as breadfruit, Barbados Sweet Potato (which is white not orange like a yam/sweet potato) and bits of cucumber and onion. 

While many places specialize in this,  The Village Bar in Lemon Arbor, St. John is one of the most popular.  Not only can you get traditional Puddin' and Souse but you also get lean Souse, which is pork that has been "cooked" in a mix of cucumber, lime, and alittle hot pepper. (well ok, sometimes more hot pepper than you want.. but it's good). You can also get BBQ or Fried Chicken, Fish and sides such as Chips (french fries), macaroni pie and mixed salad.  Beers, Mixed Drinks and softdrinks are served as well.  

Sitting on the newly covered back deck you can see the beautiful views of the St. John Valley.  It's really lovely.  and you will find all sorts of people there.  Bajans and tourists alike.. of course most of the tourist have been brought there buy locals.  But it's a great place to spend a few hours on a Saturday lunch time.   Go early and expect a wait.  But it's worth it.

 How to get there.  Go up towards Gun Hill Signal station and Orchid World.  After you pass Orchid World you will pass a water pumping station.  Follow the road for Signs of Lemon Arbor.  At this point you may want to stop and ask someone.  It's off the road to the left.  If you get to a post office and gas station, you have gone to far.