Looking to see some celebrities or be seen by celebrities? You'll see them at almost all restaurants, however, some more than others. The Cliff, Daphnes,  Mango's, Tides and Lonestar are five restaurants that have rich, famous and influential people everyday for lunch and dinner. Persons such as Sidey Pottier, Jemima Khan, Lindsay Davenport, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, (Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel Husband and wife), they starred in Passion of the Christ and Oceans Twelve respectively. Others include Magic Johnson and Ron Joyce (Owner of Tim Horton's Coffee and Doughnuts).

Staying on Barbados' platinum West Coast may afford you the oppurtunity to see celebrities more frequently than on the South Coast, however Barbados is a small island so don't be surprised to bump into your favourite soap star or musician at one of the many South Coast eateries or happening bars and clubs. Barbados is known to have a low-key approach towards celebrities so they do feel free to move about and mingle with the rest of the visitors to this lovely island.