Crane Beach remains a beautiful beach, but there is evidence of erosion due to hurricanes. The beach is now very narrow at high tide. There is no admission charge to the beach using the public access stairway, which is the elevated walkway to the EAST, not west.  The hotel does not own this walkway - nor the beach so it is not up to the Crane to restore it.  The stairway from the hotel is on the hotel property and if you use that access you do have to pay $25 bds pp, but the $25 is also good towards drinks or food in the restaurant or bar.  There are chairs and umbrells (bright blue) for the hotel guests.  There are also chairs and umbrellas for rent by a vendor (dark green).  There were hotel guests, cruise ship passengers there on the island for the day (you can tell them by their matching towels that they bring from the ship), Barbados residents, and people staying elsewhere on the island. 

This is NOT a beach for anyone with a physical disability.  Both the public access and hotel access are challenging.  There are 93 steps from the hotel as well as an elevator.  However, there remain a few steps between the lower level of the elevator and the beach.

Nonetheless, if you can take a look, it is well-known and well-regarded as a beautiful place to take in the view and enjoy the beach.