One point of interest sure to entertain tourists of all ages is Harrison's Cave. The "crystal caverns" within are so large that electric bus tours transport visitors throughout the many rooms. Harrison’s Cave was well known among the locals for many years, but was not explored until 1970, and later opened to the public. Some sights of the cave's chambers include blue-green pools, 40-foot-tall waterfalls, streams and unusual natural rock formations. Tours are led by guides, and last about an hour. The buses stop several times to allow people to walk around and see the cave up-close.

The zoo is an excellent place to entertain the whole family. Most animals roam free and uncaged, and can be viewed at close range. The paths are all surrounded by lush plant life, so it can seem like a nature walk as well as a zoo visit. 

Rum, beer and sugar cane factories are popular spots to visit. Tours usually last about 45 minutes, and sampling is a given at most of them.  

The island's rum distilleries have been present since 1703. Malibu rum is Barbados’ largest distillery. Visitors are always welcomed. Guests can see how rum is made, sample exotic cocktails and then unwind on the beach, which is right outside the distillery.

For families with younger members to please, sugar cane factories have interesting history, and they showcase the most impressive parts of the island’s art of sugar-producing.   Many museums, parks and gardens are also a hit for families who like to explore nature and learn a little bit on their outings.