Both taxis and rental cars are good ways of getting around Bonaire, each having their distinct advantages as well as disadvantages. 

There is only one option for public transportation on Bonaire (aside from guided tours), and that is a taxi.  A public bus system does not exist on the island.  Taxis are widely available and are a good way to explore the island.  Fares are fixed by the government, but it is always a good idea to agree on the price of a trip before starting the journey.  Hourly rates are also available.  Visit Government Taxi Rates for detailed information.  Certain cab companies also offer tour services.  The down side of taking cabs for transportation is that fares can quickly add up.  If price is a major concern, and traveling around the island extensively is on the agenda, consider renting a car. 

Rental Cars are a great way to dive, snorkel and travel around Bonaire, but there are certain rules that apply.  The driver must have a valid license, and they must be 23 years of age.  Driving is done on the right hand side of the road.  The same rules apply for renting a motor bike