Kralendi jk is a very safe place. The island of Bonaire , which is where Kralendijk resides, is known as being one of the most crime-free locations in the entire Caribbean . The noted safety on the island, however, should not be taken for granted. It’s always wise to be smart and not leave any valuable items unsupervised. Tourists on the beach tend to leave their money and jewelry on their towels or in their shoes when they go into the water, and this is not a safe practice by any stretch of the imagination!

Besides being a relatively crime-free island, Bonaire also has medical facilities in case of some sort of emergency. There are less than ten physicians living on the island, but that does not seem to be a problem. The main hospital is called “ San Francisco Hospital ,” and it has room for 60 patients. This is where anyone with a medical emergency is taken.

Kralendijk does have an ambulance system, and also an ambulance plane that can be used in extreme emergencies. The island also has a hyperbaric chamber that can be used by anyone who has been scuba diving and needs medical assistance. Everyone working at the medical facilities in Kralendijk is trained and prepared to deal with any type of medical problem.