Visitors to Kralendi jk have many choices on what to see and where to go while on the island.

Following are some of the most popular museums, monuments and attractions that are popular tourist destinations. Although some are a short distance from the center of Kralendijk, they are all well worth the quick trip!

Lac Bay : This is the water that is most popular for people who either want to learn how to windsurf or are already expert windsurfers.

Onima: There is a cave located here that contains petroglyphs that are at least 500 years old. This is a popular tourist destination because experts have never determined what the drawings represent, and they have a mystery about them. Visitors can take a close look at the cave and learn how ancient civilizations lived in the vicinity.

Goto Meer: Flamingos love to migrate to this area every six months - from January through July. So many live here during these months that it looks completely pink!

Lac Bay Kai: This is the location where the locals meet to have a makeshift party every Sunday. Visitors are welcome to attend and see how the island celebrates.

Bonnaire Marine Park : This is the most popular area for visitors to scuba dive and snorkel. This park is world-famous for its coral and marine life.

Yenni's Art Museum: This elderly lady has created a folk art museum in her house courtyard which will entertain all ages. Make sure to have her take you on a tour.