Havana's new Craft and Souvenir Market.

For those regular Havana visitors, or for those looking to visit for the first time, the old Craft and Souvenir Market has closed and a new location has opened as of November 3/09.

Formerly in Parque Cespedes alongside Tacon and only 100 meters from Plaza de la Cathedral, the Market has now moved 1.6 kilometers away to a warehouse type structure alongside the inner harbour on Desampardos.

While there was a certain charm and warmth to the confusion and clutter of the old market and it's free-wheeling ways, the new location while great if it happens to rain is austere and sterile looking and no longer in such a convenient location to tourists. No doubt, regular tour buses will make stops there. The new market also now has a Cadeca, washrooms, snack bar so in that sense it offers more amenities.

Here's the outside of the new market looking back towards Vieja.

The inside is cavernous and filled with rows of individual booths.

Each booth is identical along wide aisles

Here's a map showing the old location (green) and the new location (red)