Havana streets can be confusing if you don’t have a perfect grasp of Spanish road signs. This is why hiring an experienced cab driver to take you around can reduce a lot of stress. You can rent a metered cab or rent one for an entire day, for about $30. The metered taxis are yellow and park in front of hotels, so finding one should never be a problem. Daily-rental taxis look like any other car in Havana except for their yellow license plates.

If you think you can manage driving on your own, expect to pay slightly more: up to $100 a day, plus an initial deposit. You’ll also need to buy insurance, and if you are from the United States, it must be purchased in Havana. If you are from any other country, your home provider may allow you to use your insurance in Cuba for a fee. Cars can be rented either in Havana or online before your visit. When you get the keys to your vehicle, don’t forget to ask for an emergency phone number to call in case your car breaks down – the local police don’t usually help when this happens.  If you dont expect to use your rental car much, it might be better to negotiate a daily rate for a taxi driver.

Rules of the road are fairly standard. Traffic flows on the right, and speed limits are usually posted. If they aren’t, a good rule of thumb is 20 mph in residential areas, 40 mph on main roads, and 60 mph on highways.