All of Cuba enjoys a mild subtropical climate. Varadero Beach, Cuba’s leading resort, is located on the northern coast and enjoys an average water temperature of more than 25 degrees C (77 degrees F).  

Temperatures are balmy throughout the year, varying between 24 and 30 degrees C (67 to 86 degrees F).  During the hot summer months, temperatures average about 82 degrees F, with relative humidity at a high of 80 percent.  During the cooler, and more comfortable, winter months, the average temperature is 21 degrees C or 70 degrees F.

Due to its location on the Gulf of Mexico, Veradero Beach’s hot temperatures are tempered with gentle northeasterly trade winds throughout the year. Nighttime temperatures are pleasant and cool.

Hurricane season occurs between August and October, during which time if a severe storm hits, winds can gust up to 200 kilometers per hour.  This also coincides with the resort's rainy season, from May through October. During these months, average rainfall can reach 31 inches (nearly 60% of the island’s total annual rainfall amount).

To note: Many of the resorts are not running at full capacity during the low seasons, a.k.a rainy season, and some of the restaurants are closed, the entertainment may not always be available etc. Also, this is a great time for the resorts to do maintenance on their facilities. This is why the resort packages are much cheaper this time of year. You may even find pools drained during this time! It would be worth your while to review the weather trends before booking that "cheaper" holiday and to ask your travel agent to enquire if the resort shuts some things down during this time. Doing your homework will allow you to make informed decisions regarding booking your holidays between May and November.