Many travelers enjoy visiting foreign countries because they like to see architecture which greatly differs from that of their hometowns.  Buildings often reflect the history, culture and natural weather of an area, since they are built with the needs of the particular landscape of the area in mind.  Cityscapes often say as much about an area as any other historic site there.  If this is true of anywhere, it is double true of Willemstad.  There are different types of buildings in Willemstad and each reflects a different period of the area’s history and a different set of influences.

Primarily, the architecture is Dutch, as that is the reigning influence over Willemstad across its history.  However, it is not the Dutch that is seen in Holland.  Instead, it is a type of architecture which took the Dutch style of the colonial days and altered it to suit the sunny weather of Willemstad.  This architecture is seen most strongly in the historic district of Willemstad.  Visitors can simply look around them at the pitched roofs and unique colors and see the influence of the Dutch in this area.  They can also look at the ornate details and see the old world style imprinted upon each place.  More information about the architecture of Willemstad and the larger area of Curacao itself is online at .