Dominica is all about flavor and flare in food, music and dance. If you just like meat and potatoes prepare for your taste buds to be intrigued. Fresh herbal seasoning are plentiful and are used in all dishes and in every way, Try the little restaurants on the street corners and the ones by the beach and in the mountains.  You will not be disappointed if you eat local. Ask for steamed fish and callaloo with crab and ground provisions like hot dasheen with salt and lime sprinkled on it, they will wonder how you know.

Dominica is not about sand sea and sun with casinos and clubs open every night. There are good parties and weekend fetes in the fishing villages, now that a must get steamed fish with chips and do have pepper sauce and lime wash it down with your choice of fresh fruit juice. Dominica has reach culture theatre is very active and quite popular the influence of African and French meshed with the moving times is fascinating.Talk to any body on the street they'll be happy to help you.