The island of Dominica was initially inhabited by the Carib tribe at the time England claimed the island in the 1620's.  Within the next ten years Dominica would fall to the French, and then be passed back and forth between the two nations several times in the following 150 years as the result of various wars and skirmishes.  The French had settled the island with African slaves when Dominica finally went into English possession permanently in 1805.

Under British rule the island joined the West Indies Islands Federation, and eventually became an Associated State of the Crown, meaning that although England was responsible for Dominica's defense and well being, the island would have control over its own internal government affairs without interference from Britain.

After years of colonial rule, Dominica became an independent nation in 1978.  Today the country has a parliamentary government system with elections held every five years.  Dominica's main industry is tourism, although some coffee and sugar is still grown there, industries left over from the country's colonial days.