Shopping in Dominica is a favorite pastime for tourists who love to browse the native Carib baskets and crafts that fill the many small shops and open air markets around the island.  The Dominica Tourist Board's shopping page lists several places where such items can be purchased as well as warns shoppers to purchase any items they may want immediately, rather than returning for them later, as local craftspeople rarely make the same item, looking the same way, more than once.  Photos and descriptions of native crafts are also shown on the Carib Territory Cultural Website, which was put together by Dominica's native Kalinago people as way to educate others about their culture and way of life.

Shoppers in Dominica will also find several duty free shops where they can purchase many types of luxury items such as perfumes, fine jewelry, liquors, and china free from import and sales taxes.  An international passport must be shown upon time of purchase at duty free shops.