As a Caribbean vacation paradise with several beaches, Dominica is a haven for water sports.  Diving and snorkeling are very popular pastimes on the island and visitors will find no shortage of companies offering diving and snorkeling excursions and lessons.  Most resorts offer such activities as well. 

Another adventurous water activity is the ocean safari.  Several companies and resorts offer dolphin and/or whale safari trips where visitors are brought out in a boat to view the animals.  Dominica bills itself as the "Whale Capital of the Caribbean" because it is a winter destination for sperm whales.  Dolphins are also a very common site in Dominican waters, with the animals often swimming along beside boats.

Sport fishing is also popular on the island.  Visitors can either charter a boat or buy a place on one for the day.  Fishing equipment is often included, depending on the operator.  Many resorts will cook fish caught by sports fishermen for their dinners!

Other popular island water sports include kayaking, water skiing, and parasailing.