The good and the bad of Puerto Plata;

Puerto Plata is really great. It has amazing culture and the people there are kind and warmhearted. This is a true Dominican city with all that has to offer the visitor.

When you arrive at Puerto Plata airport, claim your bags and clear customs you will encounter many porters wanting to help.  The porters are well identified and for a little tip, they will help you get your bag to your awaiting transfer bus or to a  Taxi, plenty of which are waiting outside of the arrivals area.  $2 per bag is usually enough.  They are trying to make a living too!  If you have never been anywhere warm or tropical like the Dominican Republic, the palm trees are very overwhelming but you get used to the big trees towering over you.

This is a picture taken from inside the airport there looking out at the palm trees


There are so many great things to do once you get to your hotel. You can enjoy the beach or get ready for one of the many tours your hotel or the tour operators may  offer. You can also try whitewater rafting or what about swimming with the dolphins at Ocean World? You can go on a tour of an organic permaculture farm, finishing with a nice refreshing beer as you float down the river on a lazy river tour. 

Don't be afriad to venture out of town. Especially heading to Cabarete where you can find so many fun activities all on one beach. Learn how to kiteboard or kitesurf, take a yoga class, or even go to open gym time at the local CrossFit Affiliate and smash a WOD. 

Basically, to have an ideal vacation, pick something that you think would be fun, plan it and have a good time because vacation goes way too fast!