If you are heading to La Romana, chances are good you are going to be staying at or visiting Casa de Campo, in which case it is strongly recommended that you look into what is going during that time, this will only your trip more enjoyable.  While Casa de Campo is a great place to visit for a quiet retreat, the real fun and memorable experiences occur when meeting fun people and experiencing fun different activities and events.

 In order to ensure you have the best possible time and are able to plan your trip accordingly, try visiting the following websites before your trip to ensure that you have the best time possible.

  • Casa de Campo Living, http://www.casadecampoliving.com - If it is happening in Casa de Campo (and in some cases La Romana), you will probably find it here first. This blog provides daily information on the communit, but is an essential way to know what is happening before visiting the resort, whether for a day trip or a month stay - if you'll be visiting the resot, this is a site you must visit.

  • Casa de Campo Website, http://www.casadecampo.com.do - If something big is happening in Casa de Campo, it will be available and promoted here. Keep in mind that what you will find here will be specifically what has to do with Casa de Campo (the company) not necesarily everything happening in Casa de Campo (the resort /  community).

  • Marina Casa de Campo Website, http://www.marinacasadecampo.com.do - The official website of the Casa de Campo Marina, this is a good site to visit to know what is happening there.