Even though you are in a foreign country you will find that the U.S.$ is accepted almost everywhere.

Canadians should get U.S.$ before they leave unless they like giving money away as the exchange rate you get will be low and you will lose money.

There is usually a Bank Exchange at the hotel (some do it directly at the front desk) and you can exchange your money there for Dominican pesos, and cash traveler’s checks. Note they will only change traveler’s checks into pesos. You will need an ID (usually your passport) to cash traveler’s checks. You cannot exchange U.S. traveler’s checks (or any traveler’s checks, for that matter) for U.S. cash, pesos only. The exchange rate is fair and convenient - you can get a slightly better rate at money exchanges (Cambio) in town or even at a bank.

If you need pesos changed in small denominations, you will not find places that will change back.


Be very careful with the use of Credit cards, many scams are taking place