There is an international airport, El Catey Samana Airport AZS, 40 min away from the town of Samana if you are coming in from (2011)  numerous airports in Canada and many European cities.  If you are coming from the U.S.A then the nearest large international airport to the Samana Peninsula is Las Americas Airport near Santo Domingo SDQ on the south coast. From this airport there are numerous flights from the United States as well as other Caribbean destinations. It takes about two hours of driving time from SDQ.  Other options are Santiago STI or Puerto Plata  POP, which are both about a 3 hour drive or transfer.   It is not recommended to fly into Punta Cana Airport PUJ in order to come to Samana.

Connecting flights may also be available to the Samana Arroyo Barril Regional Airport or the Las Terrenas located El Portillo Regional Airport, and there are limited international flights from other Caribbean islands. But check with your airline to see if there is the possibility of a direct flight.

There are public bus routes near the various airports but not leaving from directly, and even with a multi-hour drive these can be fairly affordable considering the distance. Check with the driver to confirm the fare.  Taxis are also an option from all airports.  If you're driving a rental car, the service counters are available just outside of customs area at both Puerto Plata POP and Las Americas SDQ and outside of the Santiago Airport STI.  An international driver's license is not required in the Dominican Republic.  Almost all roads coming into Samana have been resurfaced or newly built within the last 2 years and travel is much easier than in times past.  Improvements are still being made along the route from Puerto Plata but the road is in pretty good condition.  However, nighttime driving is never recommended in the Dominican Republic.