If you’re looking to head out in the interior and to get to the various towns along the Samana Peninsula, then consider a rental car. Be warned that driving does merit extra caution as the roads in the area have been poorly maintained and in parts can be hard driving.

Rental cars are available from the various airports and at many of the larger resorts. Because of the road conditions you should think about an SUV over a smaller car, and be sure to check on air conditioning, as this might be an upgrade to consider. Also many of the rental cars are typically stick shift or manual transmissions so keep this mind if you’re doing the driving yourself. In the Dominican Republic you will not be required to have an international driver’s license and an American license is acceptable. Drivers need to be 21-years of age, but there may be additional fees for drivers under 25. A passport and credit card are necessary at time of arrival to pick up the car. It is also advisable that you reserve a car well in advance of your trip, especially at peak travel times, such as whale-watching season.

The alternative to rental cars are the taxis. Cabs generally need to be called ahead of time but are available at the airports and at many of the larger resorts.

Nowadays, you will also find Professional Taxi Drivers who speaks English and promote their Taxi Services on the Internet ; you can Google : Taxi in Samana and find Samana taxi drivers phone numbers and e-mail adresses.

It is also possible to get a cab at many of the larger nightclubs and restaurants in the resort areas, which can take you back to your hotel after dark. This is probably a wise choice considering the condition of the roads in the area.