The resort areas along the Samana Peninsula feature numerous sporting and nature activites, and the nearby Los Haitiese National Park features some of the caves used by the native Taino peoples for centuries.

Of course the big activity in Samana is the annual winter humpback whale watching. There are numerous excursions along Samana Bay from January 15 through March 15 to see these peaceful giants of the sea, as they come to make their winter home in the water waters on the south shore of the Samana Peninsula.

Excursions head out for two hour, as well as three to four hour sightings, and the long ones include meals as well as additional amenities.

After seeing the majestic creatures on the sea you can also head to the Whale Watching Museum in Samana, which include a full skeleton of a large humpback whale, films of the beasts on the sea and numerous recordings of whale songs. The museum is one of only a few devoted to the topic. It is open year-round with special exhibits during the peak whale-watching season. It is open daily from 9am until 11am, and 2pm until 5pm.