Hog Island is some of the easiest and best snorkling in Grenada. You can snorkle in a few feet of water pretty close to the shore and see living coral, fish, the occasional lobster and feel safe and comfortable there. There are some places 75 feet from shore that give you the "wall" experience. The only problem is getting someone to take you there. Hog Island is located on the South side of Grenada somewhat near the airport. Snorkling tours seem to prefer the faster, easier, and calmer ride to Flamingo Bay or the Sulpture Garden. The difference is that Hog Island has living coral and bottom life like sea urchins and conch. Be a little adventurous and you will have a lifetime memory.

It took a great bit of luck to get a trip to Hog Island. While on Morne Rouge Beach on one of my last days this trip, On the beach there was a man, Gerard Bain, who keeps a boat near the stairs down to the beach. He can be phoned at 535-0512 if you don't find him "liming" on the beach. Gerard and his mate Rennie offered me and a companion a 3 hour trip for EC$300 which is about US$120. That is less then it would cost two people on a more established trip. Another couple would be another EC$100. The boat is not a dive boat. It is more like the water taxi. It is probably 22 feet long with wooden seats. There is a bimini top. There are no bathrooms nor does he supply food or drinks. He does have a rope ladder to get back into the boat if needed. You have to have your own gear. He has no masks or fins.

You walk out into 3 feet of water and climb into the boat. The actual trip to Hog Island takes about 30 minutes with the last 10 minutes in the Atlantic Ocean which is a little scary but there are similar boats all over the place. When you get to Hog Island he will drop you off along with his mate Rennie who will keep an eye on you and also point out lobsters and other interesting things. You can  drift along near the shore for an hour or two or rest yourself on any of the 10 sandy spots along the shore. You are the one who decides when you have had enough. There was no one else snorkling there unlike the tours that dump 40 people along with you. Also you get to pick the day and time you go rather then when the tours go.

Hog Island is a beautiful snorklng spot. It is the best spot I have found during two multi-week trips.This experience will be will repeated more then once again this coming winter. TIPs- Make sure theat Gerard is gassed up the boat the night before or part of your trip will be into St George harbor to buy gas. ALSO bring plenty of your own water and maybe a few oranges.